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 How to score goals in MSC (by shooting)

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PostSubject: How to score goals in MSC (by shooting)   Sat Nov 12, 2011 2:06 pm

I ripped the iso file of the game off of the disc onto my computer, allowing me to see some of the coding and whatnot of the game. i found this interesting little bit of information about how the percentage of a shot scoring is determined. all of this information is copied directly from a text file made by the game creators, i can assure you it is accurate.

Quote :
Shot Net Open Angle = 60.0 # Angle where we calc the max shot score from.
Shot Ratings Weight = 0.10 # Character difference on the shooting. Dictates the bonus by rating
Shot Net Open Weight = 0.475 # Likelyhood of scoring, How open the net is (goalie/player positioning)
Shot Player Distance Weight = 0.325 # Likelyhood of scoring, How open the player is, the remainder of these two value is much is based on shot charging (up to 1.0)
Chip Shot Goalie Out Weight = 0.40 # How far is the goalie out of his net
Chip Shot Net Open Weight = 0.40 # Likelyhood of scoring, How open the net is (goalie/player positioning)
STS Yellow Distance = 0.1 # How far from Perfect Time is Yellow Time.

so, as you can see its little bit of a rough translation, and i dont know the amount of change in scoring percentage that is caused by say, being more open. still though, it does explain certain things, such as why corner shots have higher percentages, etc.

il keep looking through the game files and if i find anything else that can be useful, il pass it along
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How to score goals in MSC (by shooting)
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