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 Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition

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PostSubject: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:05 pm

Necro suggested I do a story in the vein of my McDonald's skits. This is based on the TV show, "Survivor." I've never watched the show, so Necro helped me out a lot. A huge thank you goes to him for all his help. So, without further ado, Episode 1 of Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition.

Episode 1

IRUNOVERU: Welcome to Survivor: MSC Edition! I am your host, IRUNOVERU!
TNM: Why are you the host?
IRUN: Because I paid a ton of money for it, and because I am better than all of you.
TNM: ...
IRUN: Let's introduce the teams. First up is the Courageous Hybrids! The members are Necro, TNM, Mel, Wise, Treesus, Ziz, Sceptile, Yuki, Tangy, Miles, Jay, and Zmazh.
TNM: WHAT?!? I only shoot, I don't do any of that tricking nonsense.
IRUN: Well, you better learn fast.
TNM: *Kicks IRUN in the groin* You better learn fast too!
IRUN: Team...ow...two consists of...ow...HaLR, CC, Shadow, Berble, Batman, Wally Me, YD, 2K, Arbok, Pao, Sothe, and Julien. They are known as the Pure Tricksters.
Berble: Non, I shoot too.

TNM and Berble do a synchronised groin kick to IRUN.

IRUN: Dang, this job is...ow...hard. Alright, let's introduce everyone. I'm IRUNOVERU, the GOAT MSC player and your host! Okay, time for a surprise elimination! One person from each team gets eliminated!
Wise: So you're the only one who gets to introduce themself?
IRUN: Yes, because I'm the only important person here.
Berble. Non.
IRUN: YE-s...nevermind. Anyway, I will now announce who is leaving the island!
Mel: We're on an island?
Wise: Yup, we got teleported to an island a few minutes ago.
Mel: How?
Wise: ...The power of science.
Mel: Beautiful.
Wally Me: It's not fair that you get to choose who leaves, we should do that.
IRUN: I know who your brother is Wally.
Wally Me: Actually, great idea, you should definitely choose yourself.
IRUN: On team Courageous Hybrids, Zmazh, as he doesn't play MSC!
Zmazh: HEY!
Zmazh: HEY!
Zmazh: ...Fine.
IRUN: On team Pure Trickster, Batman.
Batman: ...Why?
IRUN: Because you don't play MSC anymore.
Batman: Neither do Wally Me, Arbok, or Sothe!
IRUN: When I was a kid I always got bullied by someone in a Batman costume.
Batman: I bet he kicked you in the groin a lot.
IRUN: Yes. Everyone seems to like doing that.
Batman: Alright. But when you're sleeping one night I will come and I will beat you at MSC, and then I will kick you in the groin repeatedly.
IRUN: You...you were the bully, weren't you!
Batman: I am a defender of justice. I will now take my leave!

Batman flies away, over the ocean, completely forgetting Batman does not have super powers. He falls into the water and gets eaten by sharks.

Wise: Wow.
IRUN: Alright everyone. Now then, both teams will participate in a challenge. The winning team will be safe from elimination. However, the team that loses must vote off a member of their team. The first challenge will be to play a Level 5 CPU in The Dump with Daisy 3 Dry Bones. You have 3 minutes to score as many goals as possible. There are 22 TVs set up with MSC. Each person on each team will participate in this challenge, and the points from each member will be added up.
Miles: Uhm, our team kind of sucks.
Wise :/
Miles: I mean, most of the best players are on the Pure Tricksters. We're going to get slaughtered.
IRUN: Exactly. I want you to know how it feels to lose. Just like when I lost 100 games in a row on ranked. I want you to know pain, misery, and CONSTIPATION!
Mel: What the heck?
IRUN: %^&$, Autocorrect.
Wise: You're not even on your phone.
IRUN: I know, words sometimes just randomly Autocorrect when I saw them.
Wise: That's pretty funny. What exactly were you trying to say?
IRUN: Despair.
Wise: Despair Autocorrected into constipation?
IRUN: Yes. Now then, let the challenge begin!

A few minutes later

IRUN: The score is 112-42, in favorite of Pure Tricksters!
Ziz: $%$#.
IRUN: Courageous Hybrids, each member on your team must vote for another member. The two people with the most votes will play each other in MSC. The loser will leave the island.
TNM: What are we competing for, anyway?
IRUN: $100.
Shadow: WHAT?!? That's it?!?
IRUN: Yes. I don't have a lot of money.
Shadow: How about 10,000 xats and 1000 days?
IRUN: Okay.
Berble: :S
Wally Me: Sigh...
Mel: That's not fair, not all of us want xats.
Shadow: Why should it matter to you Mel, you don't have a chance at winning anyways.
Mel: I've played the game longer than you have, if I dedicated myself to it I would be better than almost everyone.
Shadow: But not me. Smile
Mel: I'm not going to argue with you.
Shadow: There's nothing to argue about, I'm clearly better than you.
Shadow: Okay. Smile
IRUN: Anyway, the votes are anonymous, only you will see them.
Shadow: I'll vote first! *Puts slip of paper with his vote on it in basket*
Mel: That was quick.
Shadow: It was really easy.
IRUN: *Takes slip of paper out of basket and reads it* Alright, looks like Shadow voted for Mel!
Mel: $%$# you Shadow.
Wise: -_-
Mel: WAIT A MINUTE! Shadow isn't on our team!
Shadow: So?
Mel: You can't vote!
Shadow: Yeah I can.
Shadow: Everyone was going to vote for you anyway.
Mel: That's not true!
Shadow: Yeah, it is.
Mel: NO!
Shadow: YES!
Mel: NO!
Shadow: YES!

Meanwhile, everyone else has voted.

IRUN: The votes are in! Mel and Treesus have the most votes, and will be facing elimination later tonight!
Treesus: Why me? :S
IRUN: Someone voted 11 times for you.
IRUN: Yes it is, but I forgot to make the rule. Thus, it stands. Next tribal council it'll be banned.
Treesus: $%#$.
IRUN: You may do whatever you want until the elimination match later tonight. Bye!
Ziz: Alright everyone, I'm forming an alliance. Our team doesn't have as many good players as the Pure Tricksters, so I'm inviting Wise, Yuki, and TNM to form an alliance with me, as they're our best players.
Tangy: I'm good too!
Ziz: Yeah, but you beat me in Wise's tournament, so you're not invited.
Tangy: (
Ziz: This will be our secret alliance, no one else must know.
Wise: Literally our entire team can hear you.
Ziz: $#%#, this didn't go as planned. ABORT MISSION! *Quietly* I'm still forming the alliance! Very Happy
Wise: Everyone can still hear you.
Ziz: %^$&.

Meanwhile, on the Pure Tricksters...

Wally Me: And that's why I think I should lead this team.
HaLR: You mean me.
Shadow: Clearly meant me.
Arbok: If we keep bickering we might create distance between us, which could seriously harm our chances of winning future challenges that require teamwork.
Shadow: I agree with what Arbok said. If anyone else besides me is made leader it'll create distance between us, which could seriously harm our chances of winning future challenges that require teamwork.
Arbok: That's not what I said.
Shadow: Close enough.
IRUN: Okay, enough chatter. Time for the elimination match! Mel and Treesus, please sit in front of this TV.
Mel and Treesus: Okay.
IRUN: Alright, now get up and sit in front of this TV.
Mel and Treesus: ...Okay.
IRUN: Okay, now get up and sit in front of this TV.

Eventually they find the right TV and play their match. Treesus dominates Mel 7-0, 7-0.

Treesus: YES!!!
Mel: Treesus...I love you.
Treesus: WHAT?!?
Mel: I know you've been keeping it a secret, but you're really a tree, aren't you?
Treesus: ...Yes Mel. I am a tree.
Mel: I don't want to leave! Not when we we've only just met!
Treesus: But we've known each other a long time.
Mel: Perhaps we have, but I feel we only truly know each other now.  Treesus...will you marry me?
Treesus: Yes Mel.
Shadow: This is really gay.
Mel: Shadow, trees do not have genders. This is not "Gay." This is love.
Shadow: It's still gay.
Mel: Anyway Treesus. Will you leave the competition with me and we can elope together?
Treesus: I'd do anything for you Mel.
Mel: Okay. Then say you quit.
Treesus: Okay. I QUIT!
Mel: Looks like Treesus quits. Does this mean I can stay?
IRUN: Yup.
Treesus: WHAT?!?
Mel: Bye Treesus.
Mel: Treesus, I only like black trees.
Treesus: WHAT?!?
Mel: Bye Treesus.
Treesus: $%#$%#.
IRUN: Looks like Treesus is going home. Is there you want to say before you leave?
Treesus: @$^%$^@% %$@#%. %@#% %$@#% %$@#% %$@#% %^%.
IRUN: Okay. Bye!

Thus ends Episode One. With only one death so far, it isn't that exciting yet. But it will be! Very Happy
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PostSubject: XD   Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:21 pm

i like this one Funny af Laughing lol! lol! 
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:28 am

Episode 2

The Courageous Hybrids are discussing strategies, except Mel, who is talking about random things in his life.

Mel: One day I was telling my father how I liked the YouTuber BikdipOnABus, but my dad has bad hearing and thoughts I said I like big d***s. We then had a 2 hour long speech about my sexuality.
Wise: ...
Necro: ...
Ziz: ...Wha?
Mel: Then he took me to church to talk to the pastor, but the pastor was actually gay and told me to embrace who I was, and then started hitting on me.
Mel: Thankfully it was a dream and I woke up.
Wise: That's quite an interesting story.
Mel: Yeah, I told my dad about it and he took me to see my pastor.
Ziz: Don't encourage him Wise.
Mel: The pastor in real life wasn't gay, and was very understanding about the dream, and actually thought it was hilarious.
TNM: *Munches popcorn*
Mel: We talked for two hours, and he said we could talk whenever I wanted. It was a great experience and I'm a better person now because of it.
TNM: Plot twist: The second part was actually the dream and the first part was real.
Mel: No TNM, I am able to understand what is real and what is not.
Sceptile: You're attracted to trees Mel.
Mel: So? Does that make me any less of a person?
Sceptile: Yes.
Mel: No it doesn't. So why don't you shut up before you make yourself look like an idiot. Oh wait, you already have.
Sceptile: Well, I'm better than you at MSC.
Mel: Only because I don't play. Believe me, if I played even 1/10th as much as you I'd be better.
Jay: No need to get in a fight guys. Let's all be friends! Very Happy
Tangy: Yeah, and I'm a moderator so I'll ban you if you don't behave.
Ziz: We're on an island, not a chat room.
Tangy: I still have mod powers.
Necro: Doubt it.
Tangy: ...Final warning.
Necro: Nothing is going to happen! Very Happy
Tangy: Alright, you asked for it! *Kicks Necro in the groin*
Necro: ...Very Happy
Tangy: WTH?!?
Necro: So anyway Mel, have any more stories?
Necro: I'm wearing a cup.
Tangy: What were you doing before you were teleported to the island that required a cup?
Necro: Playing Mario Strikers Charged against TNM. Whenever I do poorly I slam the Wii Remote against my groin in anger, and realized it would be best to wear a cup.
Tangy: How long did it take you to realize that?
Necro: Two years. Had to get groin surgery nine times.
Tangy: Ouch. Alright, I won't kick you in the groin anymore.
Jay: This converstation is making me feel weird.
Wise: It's okay Jay, you're not alone.
Jay: I want to insta on someone. Can I insta on you Wise?
Wise: NO!
Jay: *Pulls out a gun* I will insta on you and you WILL like it!
Wise: *Runs away screaming*
Miles: ...This team is really weird.
Yuki: Yes. It is.
Miles: Yuki, want to start an alliance of non-weird people? Just you and me?
Yuki: Sure.
Miles: I'd invite Wise but he already ran away, and he's kinda weird too.
Yuki: What about TNM? He's pretty normal.
TNM: And that was how I found out I wasn't a woman.
Miles: Yeah, I think us two is fine.

Meanwhile, in the Pure Trickster's camp...

HaLR: There should be no discussion I am the best.
Arbok: Yes there is a discussion. What does that tell you?
HaLR: You're ignorant?
Arbok: Or perhaps you're the one that's ignorant?
HaLR: I'm the best because you suck more.
Arbok: That is a very fallacious argument.
HaLR: Big words for someone who used to boo deke a lot.
Arbok: Hmm?
HaLR: Wise told me how much you boo deked in 2007-2008.
Arbok: Did he mention he boo deked just as much?
HaLR: Yes, but that isn't my point. The point is I'm better than you and there's no way you can prove me wrong.
Arbok: How about we play at MSC?
HaLR: I get Wally Home.
Arbok: Why?
HaLR: $#%# YOU THAT'S WHY! *Punches Arbok in the face*

HaLR and Arbok beat each other up. Meanwhile, 2K and Sothe are in a discussion of their own.

2K: Many people have said you're gay and that bothers me. God does not like gay people. When God sees how gay you are it makes him feel almost as bad as wehn Christians celebrate Christmas.
Sothe: I'm not gay, why would you say that?
2K: You like Justin Beiber.
Sothe: That makes me gay?
Shadow: Yes.
Sothe: Go away Shadow.
Shadow: Change your avatar or you're staying a guest.
Sothe: We're on an island Shadow there are no computers here.
2K: What do you think God is thinking right now Sothe?
Sothe: I don't care.
2K: God DOES care Sothe. That's why he doesn't want you to be gay.
Sothe: If God cared we wouldn't be on the same island.
2K: Sothe, I think we need to have a man-to-man talk. But if you start making advances I'm leaving.
Sothe: Go away. :S
2K: When you first started imagining you and Justin Beiber doing naughty things together, were you thinking about God or about yourself?
Shadow: I wish there was a computer here so I could post this on the 2K forum. :S
Sothe: 2K. I AM NOT GAY. And even if I was, God wouldn't be angry at me. Something said in the Bible thousands of years ago doesn't necessarily apply today. God was okay with slavery back then but things are different now. So don't assume God hates gay people, and start thinking for yourself.
Sothe: O_O
Shadow: O_O
2K: I've always been attracted to you Sothe, but I was afraid you would reject me. But I know now you are a kind soul, and despite your rough exterior, are ferociously attracted to me as well and are just too afraid to say it. But it's okay. Now you know I'm gay too, and now that you can see me in person, you realize I'm much hotter than Justin Beiber. Sothe...will you go out with me?
Sothe: Okay, I'm done.

Sothe runs down to the beach, into the water, and gets eaten by sharks.


2K jumps into the water too, but the sharks completely ignore him.

2K: SadSadSad

IRUN: Alright everyone, it's time for today's challenge! Today's challenge is a Reward Challenge. Everyone on the winning team gets to call home to a family member or friend. The challenge is thus: Every member of each team will play Ranked in MSC. The person with the most wins will give their team the victory! Everyone, follow me to the TVs I have set up!

Everyone gets ready to play Ranked, except 2K, who is mourning Sothe's death.

Shadow: YESSSS, another 40 point series.
Wise: DANGIT. Just lost to someone 0-10.
Shadow: *Checking leaderboard IRUN set up* YES! I'm so far ahead.
Wise: FFFFFFF, now he's 4-10.
Shadow: D/C! UGH!
Wise: 10-10 GOSH DARN IT!
Wise: OH MY FREAKING GOSH. I've just lost 100 in a row.

IRUN: TIME'S UP! Shadow, you had a huge lead for most of the challenge.
Shadow: Yeah, I own so much.
IRUN: However, a ton of people D/Ced on you and you lost to Mel.
Mel: Very Happy
Shadow: WHAT?!?
Mel: This is great!
Mel: That's nice Shadow. Glad to see you're such a good sport.
IRUN: Tomorrow team Courageous Hybrids gets to call home! Congratulations!
2K: Sooothe...Sad

Another episode complete, another death. Tune in next time for another episode of Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition!
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Fri Dec 06, 2013 3:29 am

Episode 3

IRUN: Last episode team Courageous Hybrids won the challenge, and with it the opportunity to call home. Little do they know that the people they are talking to are not who they expect.

Ziz: *On phone* So yeah, I know we only met once when I accidentally knocked over your tree with my car, but I feel a conection and would like to have sex with you when I get home.
Mel's Mom: Who is this?
Ziz: Wait, you're not Cathy.
Mel's Mom: I'm Mel's mom. Why do you want to have sex with me, and when did you knock over my tree?

Mel: *On phone* I love you a lot mom! I can't wait until I get home!
Cathy: You're not Ziz!
Mel: Thank God for that. Have you been coughing? Your voice sounds different.
Cathy: Are you a friend of Ziz's? When are you paying for the damage?
Mel: We agreed to split the cost for the broken TV, since we both threw our Wii Remotes at it at the same time.
Mel: Mom, it's okay, I know you must miss me a lot. But I'll be back soon, okay?
Cathy: I'm only 19!
Mel: ...WHAT?!?
Cathy: You think?
Mel: Who are you?
Cathy: I'm Cathy. Ziz droves his car into my tree and knocked it over. Now he wants to have sex with me so I won't press charges, but I don't want to and he's really creepy.
Mel: I see. If I'm talking to you, that means...GOODBYE!

Mel hangs up and tackles Ziz, who just hung up on Mel's mother.


Mel punches Ziz in the face, who punches Mel back. Mel and Ziz get into a fight. Meanwhile, it turns out everyone else got the right people, so they're happy.

Wise: So Ziz has a thing for older women eh.
Mel: $#@# YOU ZIZ!
IRUN: Alright, today's challenge will be different. You will be in teams of two, and will be playing all the others team's teams of two in 2 vs. 2 MSC. The teams are:

Courageous Hybrids

Wise and Sceptile
Miles and Yuki
Jay and Necro
TNM and Tangy
Ziz and Mel

Pure Tricksters

HaLR and CC
Shadow and Berble
Wally Me and Arbok
YD and Pao
2K and Julien

Ziz: >=(
Mel: >=(
IRUN: Alright, let's get started! First up, the rules. No DK/Wally home, best of 3 games, first to 7, Classroom. Also, no boo glitches, dekes or instas, or you lose that game. Okay, match one! Wise and Sceptile vs. HaLR and CC!

Wise: We got this!
Sceptile: Yeah!

Ten seconds into the game Sceptile boo dekes.

Sceptile: My boo was close to the goal, what else could I have done?
Wise: A TRICK!
Sceptile: But those are haaard!
Wise: *Punches Sceptile in the face*
Sceptile: AHHH! *Runs away crying*
Wise: Come back! There's two more games!
Necro: One more game.
Wise: No way we're losing again.
Sceptile: Wise, I know I screwed up. I'll make it up to you this game.

Ten seconds into the game Sceptile boo glitches.

Sceptile: YES!!! Take that HaLR and CC!

Sceptile attempts to crotch chop, but doesn't know where his penis is so he does it everywhere, and it looks like he's having a panic attack.

Sceptile: I'M SORRY! I don't know where it is. Sad
Sceptile: ...#@$&.

An hour later...

IRUN: The results are in! By ONE MATCH, team Pure Tricksters wins! Team Courageous Hybrids pulled a ton of upsets, but the team of Wise and Sceptile forfeited every game, causing their team to lose! Good job Wise and Sceptile! Now then, let the voting commence! Actually, let's not! Wise, Sceptile, you're both up for elimination!
Wise: That's not fair! It's all Sceptile's fault!
IRUN: You should've been a better role model Wise.
Wise: Sad
IRUN: Alright, let the match begin!

Sceptile boo glitches 14 straight times and beats Wise 7-0 7-0.

Sceptile: I'm so good at this game! Very Happy
Wise: He gets DQ'ed, right? Since he boo glitched?
IRUN: NOPE! No rules against boo glitching! Guess I'll do that next time. OR MAYBE NOT! MWUHAHA!
Wise: You've got to be kidding me.
IRUN: Bye Wise!
Wise: *Kicks IRUN in the groin*
Wise: NO! *Kicks IRUN in the groin repeatedly*
Sceptile: Let's hold a vote. I beat Wise 7-0 7-0. Am I elite now?
Wise: You're next Sceptile!
Sceptile: D:
Ziz: Stop hitting me Mel!
Mel: Stop hitting on my mom!
Mel: Go %#$ yourself Ziz!

Thus ends another episode. Nobody died, sadly. Maybe next time! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:55 am

Episode 4

On the Courageous Hybrids...

Ziz: I'm making a new alliance.
Necro: Like the last one worked out so good.
Ziz: I actually completely forgot I made an alliance until now.
Necro: Brilliant.
Ziz: I'm making an alliance of cool people, are at least people who didn't eliminate others unfairly. Thus my alliance will consist of everyone other than Mel and Sceptile.
Tangy: Yeah, we should send them both to the elimination game.
Sceptile: Hey! Boo dekes and glitches are 100% fair in my opinion.
Mel: They're not, though.
Sceptile: Shut up Mel, you got Treesus eliminated unfairly, and he was awesome.
Mel: You cheated to beat Wise.
Ziz: I'm calling my alliance the Great Ziz Alliance.
TNM: Nice name. Remove the Ziz part and we're good.
Ziz: No one will know whose alliance it is then.
TNM: Better than the Great Ziz Alliance
Ziz: I'm better than you at MSC TNM, stop being salty.
TNM: At least I don't hit on Mel's mom.
TNM: Sure Ziz. Whatever you say. Smile
Ziz: Grrrr.

On the Pure Tricksters...

Pao: And that's why I think I should form an alliance with Wise.
HaLR: Who isn't even here anymore and was never on this team to begin with.
Pao: Exactly. So who here's gonna pretend to be Wise?
CC: Just shut up Pao.
Pao: What CC?
CC: I know what you're thinking.
Pao: What?
CC: That you're better than me.
Pao: Actually, everyone else is thinking that too. Smile
CC: I'm sick of your $#@^. Play me at MSC like a man.
Pao: But I wouldn't want to upset a woman.
CC: That's not funny Pao.
Pao: I was talking about your mom. OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!
CC: Tangy, ban him.
Berble: Tangy's not on this team.
CC: You're a mod Berble, do something.
Berble: This is an island, not the Internet.
CC: Kick him in the groin or something.
Berble: Non, everyone is doing that, I'm not going to as well.
CC: You did it to IRUN in the first episode.
Berble: Not going to anymore.
CC: Fine.
Pao: Done throwing a tantrum CC?
CC: Pao, I wish you could see how stupid you look.
Pao: As long as I look less stupid than you I'm fine. Smile
Pao: Okay CC. Smile
CC: &@#^.
Pao: Someone needs a hug.
Berble: Yon.
IRUN: Okay everyone, challenge time! Today you'll be playing football.
Berble: The teams aren't even; it's not fair to the Courageous Hybrids. Besides, Necro is on that team.
CC: Why does that matter?
Berble: After Northern Illinois lost he vowed to never have anything to do with football again.
HaLR: Well that's stupid.
Necro: Actually HaLR, I vowed to become the greatest football player of all time and lead NIU to a national championship.
HaLR: Well that's nice.
IRUN: Alright. Since the Courageous Hybrids are down a man I'll play for them.
Jay: Why are you wearing a cup on the outside of your pants?
IRUN: I have one on the inside, and one on the outside because you guys are d***s.
Berble: Haha.
IRUN: We get the ball first. 25 yards to a touchdown. Once we score, or when our possession ends, the Pure Tricksters get the ball 25 yards away as well. After both teams get a shot at scoring, the team with the most points wins. If they're tied we do it all over again.
Sceptile: Guys, throw it to me. I'll redeem myself for what I did to Wise.
Ziz: Last chance Sceptile. Otherwise we're sending you to the elimination game.
Sceptile: Who's the quarterback?
Necro: ME!
Sceptile: ...Okay. I can think of at least one person less suited for the job.
Necro: HEY!
Sceptile: LET'S GO!
Necro: YEAH!
TNM: No need to be so excited Necro. You won't be voted off anyway.
Necro: TNM. It's time to prove my worth. I will show the world I deserve to be on this team. LET'S DO THIS!
Necro takes the snap. He delivers a perfect pass to Sceptile at the 1 yard line, who's the only one not covered. Sceptile sees there's someone in front of him in the end zone, so he turns around and runs 99 yards to the opposite end zone, where he spikes the ball on the ground.
Sceptile: WE WIN!
Necro: SCEPTILE YOU IDIOT! You would've score a touchdown easily if you went ONE FREAKIN' YARD!
Sceptile: There was someone in the end zone who would've tackled me. So I went to the opposite end zone where nobody was. I did good, right? Very Happy
Sceptile: Seriously?
Necro: GRRRR!!!
Ziz: Calm down Necro, I saw your brilliant pass.
Necro: You did?
Ziz: Yes. You did good! (Y)
Necro: :$
IRUN: Voting time for team Courageous Hybrids!

Team Courageous Hybrids sends Sceptile and Mel to the elimination game.

Mel: *Huff* I will beat you Sceptile. *Huff*
Sceptile: An hour in and it's only 1-1. The battle of the best defenses on earth.
Shadow: No, you two just suck.
Mel: YES! 2-1!
Sceptle: But I scored...
Mel: $@#$, forgot which goal was mine.

Four hours later, Mel wins 7-6, 6-7, 7-6.

Shadow: Remember Mel, I beat you 8000-0 in Yugioh.
Mel: Why bring that up now? This is the greatest moment of my life, so don't ruin it for me.
Shadow: When we get home...I'm going to do it again. >=)
Mel: You...wish. *Faints*
Sceptile: DANGIT!
IRUN: Alright, Sceptile is eliminated. Thus concludes another episode of Sur-
???: AHHHHHHH!!!
IRUN: What the heck?!?

Out of the sky comes a flying hippo with Wise riding on it.

Everyone: O_O

Wise leaps off the hippo, pulls out a knife, and stabs Julien numerous times.

Wise then tosses Julien's body into the water, where he gets eaten by sharks.

Everyone: O_O
Wise: I'm taking Julien's place on the Pure Tricksters.
IRUN: O-ok, please don't hurt me.
Wise: You're next Sceptile!
Sceptile: D:

Sceptiles runs into the ocean to escape Wise and gets eaten by sharks.
Berble: Shiii Wise scary.

Two more dead! Tune in next time for another thrilling episode of Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition!
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Wed Dec 18, 2013 3:42 am

Episode 5

IRUN: Alright, today's challenge is 1 vs. 1 MSC. Each team will choose one person to represent their team, and those two people will face off in a standard Classroom, First to 7 Best of 3 series. Each team, cast your votes now!

Everyone casts their votes.

IRUN: Team Courageous Hybrids has chosen Tangy with a vote of 4-3-1.
Ziz: I voted for you Tangy, why did you not vote for me?
Tangy: How do you know I didn't?
Ziz: I can see it in your eyes.
Tangy: I voted for TNM because I think he's better than you.
Ziz: HE'S NOT!
Tangy: Learn to suck less Ziz.
Ziz: $@%^ YOU!
Tangy: Very Happy
IRUN: Team Pure Tricksters has chosen Wise with a vote of 9-1.
Wise: WHAT?!? How am I the best?
Shadow: Wait, best? I thought we were supposed to choose the worst.
Pao: IRUN said choose our worst player!
Berble: Yon.
IRUN: Mwuhaha I've gotten my revenge for Berble's groin kick in Episode 1!
Berble: TNM did it too!
IRUN: Yeah, but you piss me off more. Anyway, time for the 1 vs. 1 match!
God: No.
IRUN: ...Who's talking?
God: This is God.
IRUN: Seriously, who is this.
God: This is God you piece of $@#^.
Berble: Shiii God scary.
God: I have decided to make the people chosen team leaders.
God: Each team leader will alternate choosing from the remaining 16 contestants, until they're all on a team.
IRUN: Please don't hurt me!
God: IRUN, you need to turn your life around.
God: If you don't turn your life around I'll punish you.
IRUN: I'll go to hell? D:
God: No, I'll kick you in the groin.
Berble: Haha.
IRUN: I'll change, I promise!
God: Good. Alright, I'm off. Peace!

God leaves.

Wise: Wow, that was really cool. And I'm team leader!
IRUN: A-alright. Team Courageous Hybrids, you pick first.
Tangy: I pick Arbok.
Wise: I pick Berble.
Tangy: I pick Wally Me.
Wise: I pick Shadow.
Shadow: Better pick Miles too or you're in trouble.
Tangy: I pick YD.
Wise: Ergh...I pick Miles.
Tangy: I pick Yuki.
Wise: I pick Pao.
Tangy: I pick HaLR.
Wise: I pick Mel.
Tangy: ...Why?
Wise: Mel's funny.
Tangy: This is a competition.
Wise: I don't care, I'm choosing Mel.
Mel: Thanks Wise.
Wise: (Y)
Tangy: CC!
Wise: Jay!
Tangy: TNM!
Wise: Necro!
Tangy: Dangit, should I choose Ziz or 2K?
Ziz: >=(
Tangy: Fine, Ziz.
Wise: 2K! Very Happy
2K: Thanks for choosing me so quickly Wise.
Wise: Not a problem 2K.
HaLR: Congrats Wise, your team sucks.
Wise: We have Berble, Shadow, Pao and 2K.
HaLR: And Miles, Mel, Jay, and Necro.
Wise: My team's awesome though.
Shadow: Well, some of it.
Wise: I chose the people I liked the best.
HaLR: Which is why your team sucks so much, because you didn't choose logically.
Wise: My team gonna win though.
HaLR: Nope.
Wise: Yup.
HaLR: ...U.
Wise: Okay.
HaLR: Okay.
IRUN: Ergh, the teams are as follows:

Team Tangy:

Wally Me

Team Wise:


IRUN: Today's challenge is now a timed challenge. Each team will have an hour to make a campfire. Whoever does it first wins.
HaLR: How ridiulously easy.
Berble: Yon.
Wise: Okay, so we need two stones and we ram them together.
Berble: Don't think that's how it works.
Wise: Wait, you're supposed to put the stones in water first.
Shadow: That's even worse.
Pao: You suck Wise.
Mel: Remember Wise, a fire can't start if there's water.
Wise: So what do I do?
Mel: Drink all the nearby water.
Wise: You want me to drink the ocean?
Mel: Have a better idea?
2K: Wise, get some sticks.
Mel: Why would we use sticks 2K?
Wise: Rocks work just as well.
Shadow: I don't even want to say anything, this is just too entertaining.
Berble: Yon.
Wise: Where'd Jay and Necro go?
Mel: They're playing ping pong.
Wise: Why now? And HOW?
Mel: I don't know. Wise, just concentrate on starting the fire.
Wise: Wait, let's use Berble's shirt.
Berble: HEY! :@
Wise: It has a picture of a flame on it, so if you take it off it'll burst into flames, right?
Berble: :S
Wise: Like, your body heat is preventing the shirt from catching on fire, but if you take it off it'll start to burn.
Mel: Brilliant Wise.
Wise: Thanks. :$
Shadow: Wise, you're definitely the best possible choice for team leader.
Wise: Thanks Shadow! Very Happy
Berble: We're gonna win for sure.
IRUN: Time's up! Each team has failed, and thus there will be a double elimination.
Pao: Wait, Team Tangy failed too?
Tangy: %$#^ing Ziz unleashed a fart of enormous proportions and everyone fainted.
Shadow: Haha yes.
IRUN: Each team, vote somebody off!
Wise: Jay, Necro, why were you playing ping pong during the challenge?
Jay: Because IRUN set up a table, and we assumed our team would win easily even without us.
Wise: Ergh...we came close. Very close.
Shadow: Jay, Necro, who lost in ping pong?
Necro: I did.
Shadow: Then let's vote off Necro.
Necro: HEY!
Wise: You should've helped out.
Necro: Sad
IRUN: The votes are in! Team Wise has voted off Necro.
Necro: I'll never forget my experience here. Thanks to all of you!
Necro rides into the sunset. Unfortunately they're on an island, and while the horse is smart enough to not go into the ocean, Necro isn't, and gets eaten by sharks.
Wise: Wow, poor Necro.
Shadow: Haha yes.
Wise: Necro died Shadow.
Shadow: So?
Wise: Shouldn't we be sad?
Shadow: No.
Wise: ...
Shadow: Literally Necro.
Wise: C'mon Shadow.
Shadow: Fine. Let us all mourn Necro, who lived a long and unfulfilling life.
Wise: Close enough.
IRUN: Team Tangy has eliminated Ziz!
Ziz: It wasn't my fault I ate all the burritos.
Wally Me: Don't try and make excuses Ziz. You cost us the challenge.
Ziz: Don't make me go Super Saiyan.
HaLR: Literally thinks that's a thing.
Ziz: HaLR, just so you know, I'm better than you at MSC.
HaLR: Okay Ziz, whatever you say.
Ziz: I'm not leaving without a fight though. I'll beat up each and every one of you.
Yuki: Calm down Ziz. Smile
Ziz: NO!

Ziz charges at Yuki. Little does he know Yuki is a 9001th Degree Black Belt. Yuki rips out Ziz's heart a la Mortal Combat style and throws it into the ocean, where it's devoured by sharks.

Ziz: ...
Yuki: ...
Yuki: D:
Ziz: I'm a Time Lord Tangy. I have two hearts.
Tangy: Wow, I didn't know that.
Ziz: The reason I play you all is so I can go into the future and teach children of future generations the joys of MSC.
Yuki: So beautiful. :')
Ziz: My legend will live on!

A bizarre noise is heard. Out of nowhere the TARDIS appear and Ziz steps in to it.

Ziz: I bid you all farewell.

The TARDIS disappears.

Wise: Yeah, I didn't see that coming.

Thus ends another episode. One more death, and a completely unexpected reveal. Look forward to the next episode! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:09 am

Episode 6

IRUN: Today I have a surprise for you. One of the people eaten by sharks was not really eaten. The shark that supposedly ate him was fake. Behind this curtain is the contestant. I will reveal who it is at the end of today's episode.
Shadow: It's Necro.
IRUN: WHAT?!? No it's not!
Shadow: The curtain is transparent. It's Necro.
IRUN: #@$&.
Berble: And he appears to be masturbating.
HaLR: Guess he didn't realize the curtain was transparent.

The curtain lifts to reveal Necro attempting to break a Link Between Worlds cartridge that for some reason is on his crotch.
Wise: Dangit Necro.

Wise walks up to Necro, snatches the cartridge, and puts it in his pocket.

Wise: I rescued it from you!
Necro: It was on my crotch.
Wise: Yes, but you're wearing pan-YOU'RE NOT WEARING PANTS!!!
Berble: This is a true Hallmark moment.
Shadow: Yon.
Necro: Anyway guys, I'm back, and I'm kicking names and taking ass.
Shadow: Necro's drunk or something. Typical Necro.
Necro: No, that's not it. I'm kicking my ass and taking my name. Wait, no!
Shadow: Everyone, let's all kick Necro's ass together.
HaLR: Okay!
Wise: Wait guys. He's on my team. If you want to beat him up you'll have to get through Miles.

Miles stands in front of Necro. His huge arm muscles and six-pack abs glisten in the sunlight, as he has inexplicably removed his shirt. Sweat runs down his enormous pectoral muscles and everyone stares in awe.
Shadow: C'mon Miles, let me through.
Miles: Sorry Shadow, Wise is the leader and he wants to protect Necro.
Shadow: Wise getting too powerful. :S
Necro: Miles, I don't need protection. I'M GONNA GO BEAT UP SHADOW RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

Necro runs around Miles, and charges at Shadow. He attempts to punch Shadow in the face, but Shadow dodges. He then tries to kick him in the leg. Shadow dodges again. Necro continuously attacks Shadow, but none of his attacks connect.

Shadow: Done?
Necro: NOT YET!

Necro attempts to do the infamous groin kick, but Shadow is ready. He grabs Necro's leg. But Necro is ready. He grabs Shadow's arms. But Shadow is ready. He head butts Necro. But Necro is ready. He head butts Shadow as well. Necro and Shadow headbutt each other and knock each other out.

HaLR: What a fight. Couldn't have fought better myself. Actually, I could have fought a lot better. But for them they did good.

Shadow: I'm not through with you Necro!

Shadow and Necro wake up at the same time and start fighting again.

Shadow: I went easy on you. But I now recognize you are not utterly horrible at fighting. Just slightly horrible. Thus I will give 20% instead of 10%.
Necro: I was giving -5% but I'll give -4% now. That'll be enough.
Shadow: I meant I was giving -10%. Now I'll give -9%.
Necro: I was act-
Necro and Shadow simultaneously punch each other in the face. Necro's punch does absolutely nothing and Shadow's punch KO's him.
Shadow: Told you.
HaLR: You're both weak as #$@&. I could take you both on and I'd win without breaking a sweat.
Shadow: I'll be enough HaLR.
HaLR: You ready?
Shadow: I am.
Shadow: LET'S DO THIS!
HaLR: Who gets home?
Shadow: You can have it.
HaLR: Okay.

Shadow and HaLR walk over to a TV and start playing MSC.

IRUN: Ergh okay. Today's challenge is simple. It's almost New Years. Each of you make a New Year's Resolution. Whichever team has the WORST resolution will lose. Okay, let's hear everyone's resolutions.
Wise: I want Necro to stop hating on Zelda.
Necro: Not gonna happen.
2K: I want Sothe back. Sad
Necro: Also not gonna happen.
Berble: I want someone to be as good as me at MSC so I'm not bored to death all the time.
Wise: I know I don't win much, but aren't I at least a challenge?
Berble: No.
Wise. Sad
Jay: I want my Facebook group to become more popular than str1kr.com and get over 1000 members.
Shadow: Wow.
Jay: I know it's lofty, but it's be awesome. Very Happy
Wise: Never give up Jay! Very Happy
Jay: Very Happy
Shadow: :/
Mel: I want to find a tree who loves me back.
IRUN: Well, that's officially the worst one yet.
Mel: No it's not!
IRUN: Trees are inanimate objects. Except for Treesus. But he might just be mentally challenged.
HaLR: Good luck Mel.
Mel: Thank you HaLR.
HaLR: I want to see more tree boner pictures when you do please.
Miles: I don't have anything; I'm happy with my life now.
HaLR: Wow, be boring about it.
Miles: Still better than Mel's.
Mel: HEY!
Necro: I want Link and Zelda to fall into a bottomless abyss, but there's also exploding land mines that randomly blow off their limbs.
Wise: >=(
IRUN: I'm going to end it here and say Mel had the worst one and thus Team Wise loses the challenge.
IRUN: Yeah, but I don't like your team.
Wise: Miles, get him!

Miles charges at IRUN. IRUN attempts to run away but gets beaten into a bloody pulp.

IRUN: OW. Vote OW for your OW OW OW two members to OWWWWWWW play an elimination OW OW OW match.

Necro and Mel get chosen.

Necro: There's no way I'm losing.
Mel: Necro, until I find true tree love I am not going home. Don't even BEGIN to think you can bea-HEY I WASN'T READY YET!

While Mel was talking Necro wins 7-0 7-0.

Mel: NOOOOO!!!
Necro: YES!!! *Looks at Shadow* YOU! I'M COMING FOR YOU!

Necro charges at Shadow. Suddenly a portal appears between them and Link comes out of the portal.

Necro: O_O
Necro: WHAT THE-

Link charges at Necro and cuts him in half with his sword. He then takes out a pen and paper and gives everyone else an autograph. Everyone is really happy and have completely forgotten Necro who is in two pieces. Link finishes giving out autographs and goes back into the portal, which then proceeds to close.

Shadow: Necro better be dead this time.
Wise: He's been cut in two.
Shadow: I think he's faking it Wise.
Wise: I don't think so...
Shadow: I think I need to beat him up some just to make sure.
Wise: Respect the dead Shadow!
Shadow: He's not dead; he's faking it.
Wise: Miles, help!
Miles: Definitely faking it.
Wise: Sad
Shadow kicks Necro in the groin around 20 times before picking up both halves and tossing them into the water, where they get eaten by sharks.
Shadow: Jay?
Jay: Yes?
Shadow: Why don't you go into the water and see if the sharks are real?
Jay: I'm not that stupid!
Shadow: I'll make you admin of str1kr.com if you do.
Jay: Okay! Very Happy

Jay runs into the water and gets eaten by sharks.

Mel: Wait, that's two people that are gone. Can I stay then?
IRUN: Okay. Just OW leave me alone. *Cries*

Thus ends another episode. Two more people get eaten by sharks, although Necro was killed by Link. Next episode: More people die! Probably...
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Mon Jan 06, 2014 11:45 pm

Episode 7

Shadow and Miles are talking

Miles: Shadow, Mel revealed on the chat he was being fake about some things, and the erection one was one of them.
Shadow: So he WAS erect. Haha, couldn't fool me.
Miles: Actually no. It wasn't an erection, and it wasn't his wallet. It was drugs.
Shadow: WHAT?!?
Miles: Mel apparently sells drugs and had forgotten to remove them from his pants when the picture was taken.
Shadow: There's no way that's real.
Miles: I believe him Shadow.
Shadow: You've got to be kidding me Miles. The very first person Mel would sell to would be a cop and he'd get arrested.
Miles: I felt he was being sincere. Apparently he's been selling drugs since 2nd grade.
Shadow: C'mon Miles.
Miles: Why can't you just trust in what he says?
Shadow: Because I'm not an idiot.
Miles: Oh, so I'm an idiot now?
Shadow: You're acting like one.
Miles: $#@^ you then.
Shadow: $@#^ you too.

Meanwhile, on Team Tangy

YD: So 2K hates me now.
Yuki: I'm sorry YD: Sad
YD: Apparently having sex with hundreds of women while being a Christian is wrong.
Tangy: Wait, hundreds?
YD: Probably thousands.
Yuki: O_O
YD: I want to reconcile with 2K but he's on the other team and has been throwing Bibles at me whenever we get near each other.
Wally Me: YD, I think you need to understand that 2K was born different from other people. His purpose in life is to say hilarious things and make other people laugh. He doesn't always know what to say, so just try and understand.
YD: I just want to be friends with him again. Sad
Wally Me: Explain to him your situation. That's it's normal for someone your age to have sex with woman. Unless your HaLR, who'll probably be a virgin forever.
HaLR: HEY! I'm not a virgin.
Wally Me: Yes you are.
HaLR: Sad
YD: I'm going to put on a disguise.
CC: What kind of disguise?
YD: Breasts.
HaLR: What?
YD: I'm gonna pretend to be a woman and start hitting on 2K. Eventually he'll want to have sex with me and will see where I'm coming from.
Yuki: What do you do then?
YD: I take off my breasts and we become best friends again.
CC: If you did that he'd probably never want to have sex with a woman in his entire life.
YD: Wait, it isn't normal for woman to remove their breasts?
Wally Me: Only HaLR's girlfriend.
HaLR: Dangit Wally, stop picking on me.
Wally Me: Learn to suck less HaLR.
HaLR: :@
IRUN: Challenge time everyone! Today's challenge is teamwork. You'll be playing 2 vs. 2 MSC. Since Team Tangy has one more member, I'll join Team Wise for this match. Everyone, choose your teams.

Everyone makes teams.

IRUN: The matchups are:

Team Tangy

Tangy and Wally Me
Arbok and TNM
CC and HaLR
YD and Yuki

Team Wise

Wise and Berble
Shadow and Miles
Mel and 2K
Pao and IRUN

After some tense matches the finals are set. The bracket went as follows:

Round 1

Arbok/TNM beat Wise/Berble, 7-6, 6-7, 7-6
Shadow/Miles beat Tangy/Wally Me 7-5, 7-6
CC/HaLR beat Pao/IRUN: 4-7, 7-2, 7-1
Mel/2K beat YD/Yuki 1-0/N/A. 2K instas on first goal and YD smashes the Wii against 2K's head. Their friendship is not better.

Round 2

Shadow/Miles beat Arbok/TNM 6-7, 7-5, 7-6
CC/HaLR beat Mel/2K 7-2, 7-1

IRUN: The finals are here! It's Shadow and Miles vs. CC and HaLR! Let's go!
Shadow: I'm glad you were my partner Miles. It shows how good I am if I can win even with an idiot as my partner.
Miles: WHAT?!?
Shadow: Thinks Mel is selling drugs, SMH.
Miles: Let's just forget about it Shadow.
Shadow: *In Mel's voice* Wanna buy some weed Miles? There were a ton in my backyard.
Miles: Shut up Shadow! :@
Shadow: You need to be less naive Miles.
Miles: Having faith in someone is being naive?
Shadow: Faith in Mel.
Mel: *Snickers*
Miles: Let's just play the match Shadow. We have to help out Team Wise.
HaLR: Ggs.
Miles: ...What?
CC: While you two were arguing we beat you 7-0 7-0.
Shadow: $#@^!
Miles. :@
IRUN: Team Tangy wins thanks to CC and HaLR! I've made a decision. Shadow and Miles will be up for elimination, no voting needed. And instead of playing MSC to determine who goes home, they'll dual.
Miles: Dual?
IRUN: Yes! Whoever's still alive at the end wins!
Shadow: Miles, you have no way of beating me.
Miles: Shadow, you know I'm a lot more athletic and fit than you are.
Shadow: Maybe so, but I have a secret.
Miles: Please tell me you're not a tree and attracted to Mel.
Shadow: NO! I'm not actually human.*Takes off skin* I'm a Gengar.
Miles: WHAT?!?
Shadow: SHADOW BALL!!!
Miles: ...
Shadow: ...Dangit, you're Normal type, aren't you?
Miles: Yup.
Shadow: Very well then. SLUDGE BOMB!!!
Miles: ...
Shadow: Freaking Steel too?
Miles: You see my rock-hard abs and doubt it?
Shadow: Sigh. Fine. DISABLE!!!
Miles: Disable what? I'm just standing here.
Miles: That's gonna help a bunch, now there's a stuffed animal in front of you.
Shadow: THIS IS $#@^ing GAY!
Miles: You have no way of winning Shadow.
Miles: Pokemon can only know four moves.
Shadow: In Gen 7 they can learn five.
Miles: There's only six gens Shadow.
Shadow: Don't care! JUDGEMENT!!!
Miles: Only Arceus kno-
Shadow: DON'T $#@^ING CARE!!!

Miles takes Judgement, but being half Steel means he only takes 50% damage.

Shadow: Well, this really sucks.
Miles: Shadow, you can stay. I don't want our friendship to end over a game show.
Shadow: Thanks Mil-
Miles: PSYCH! *Miles charges at Shadow and punches him the face, completely forgetting Ghost is immune to Normal type attacks*
Shadow: JUDGEMENT!!!

Despite only taking 50% damage, Miles has been hit by two Judgements, and is near death.

Miles: DANG. I messed up. :(In that case...IRON HEAD!
Shadow: DISABLE!

Shadow survives with 1 HP. However, the move is Disabled.

Miles: NOOO!!! I have no more moves!
Shadow: Who the heck only gives their Pokemon two moves?
Miles: I'm not a Pokemon! For Iron Head I just head butted you.
Shadow: Oh.
Miles: This next move decides everything.
Shadow: I will not lose!
Miles: Neither will I!
Shadow: You have no moves left!
Miles: ...Or do I?
Miles: SPLASH!
Shadow: ...Really?

Miles grabs Mel, and starts swinging him around in circles over his head. He charges at Shadow, intending to hit him with Mel. However, he trips over a pebbles and loses his last HP.

Miles: Shadow...I'm sorry...it had to...end...this...way.
Shadow: It's okay Miles, Pokemon only faint, they never die.
Miles: I'm a human though.
Shadow: Just believe you're a Pokemon Miles. If you believe hard enough you won't die.
Miles: Shadow just shut up and let me die in peace.
Shadow: *Kicks Miles in the groin* DON'T YOU DARE $#@^ING DIE ON ME!!!
Berble: Shadow, I don't think kicking him in the groin will cause him not to die.
Shadow: WHAT DO I DO THEN?!?
Mel: Shadow, I can help. I have syrup from my favorite tree. Maybe it can save his life. *Pours syrup on Miles' crotch*
Mel: Just wait.

Just then, Miles sits up.

Shadow: !
Miles: I'm okay now. Very Happy
Shadow: How in the...
Miles: Shadow, you won fair and square. I'll leave the island now, and we can still be friends. Smile
Shadow: Smile
Mel: Do I get a thank you?
Shadow: When I get home you can be mod for an hour Mel.
Mel: Meh, good enough.

Miles leaves the island, and does not get eaten by sharks, as they understand they are no match for him. Next episode: The YD-2K feud intensifies. Don't miss it! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Wed Jan 15, 2014 7:58 am

Episode 8

IRUN: Before we get started, I'd like to introduce you to my beautiful wife, Jenny.
Berble: She's a guy.
IRUN: WTH?!? No she isn't! Why would you even THINK to say something like that?
Berble: He has an erection.
IRUN: ...Obviously her wallet.
Berble: Obviously.
Jenny: Hey guys. Who wants to have a good time? *Winks*
Berble: D:
Jenny: And by a good time I mean playing some Mario Party with me!
Berble: Jenny why is your voice so deep? And why do you have a beard? And why have you had an erection ever since you got here?
Shadow: IT'S NOT!
Jenny: Mel, we understand each other. Wanna go get something to eat some time?
Mel: Sure. I must say, you are a very beautiful woman.
Jenny: Thanks Mel. You're very handsome.
Mel: Jenny...
Jenny: Mel...
Jenny: So? Mel's hot.
Mel: Even you Wise?
Wise: I can't believe I'm doing this. *Pulls down Jenny's pants* SEE? Look at his-WHAT?!? It IS a wallet!
Mel: Told you Wise! *Pull down his pants* Look at my wallet too!
IRUN: Jenny, I thought you said I was the most handsome man you ever knew?
Jenny: No, I said you were the most exploitable man I ever knew.
IRUN: Oh...
Jenny: Mel's hotter than you IRUN.
Jenny: And he likes me even though I'm a guy.
Mel: !
Wise: Wait, what about the wallet?
Jenny: My weiner is 1 millimeter long Wise. I wear a wallet so people don't notice.
Wise: Dang.
Mel: How could you Jenny?
Shadow: Weren't you attracted to trees Mel?
Mel: I was totally trolling you all. But now I'm the real me so I'll be more honest.
Wise: Thank you Mel.
Mel: And since we're honest, I must admit Jenny is very attractive for a guy.
Wise: Dangit Mel.
Mel: I'm not attracted to him, just saying.
Shadow: You called him beautiful before.
Mel: Uhm...I was trolling.
Shadow: I thought you stopped being fake last episode?
Mel: Not all the trolling was fake, just some of it.
Shadow: :S
Mel: Shadow, why do you keep picking on me?
Shadow: Why do you keep picking on yourself Mel?
Mel: Shadow. I hoped it would never come to this. But it has. I'll use all the fighting moves I learned from watching anime, and I will decimate you.
Shadow: Okay Mel.
Shadow: ...
Mel: I can feel the power flowing through me. *Farts* Nevermind.
Shadow: Are you done yet Mel?
Mel: I'm just getting started Shadow.

Two hours later...

Shadow: So glad I brought a video camera.
Mel: Why won't my arms stretch?
Shadow: Mel, anime isn't real.
Mel: Shadow, it's not a matter of it being real. It's a matter of believing hard enough. BELIEVE IT!
Shadow: Fine Mel, you're right. I'm not believing hard enough. Help me believe Mel. I want to believe.
Mel: I'm glad Shadow. Let's believe together. Smile
Shadow: Okay Mel. Smile
Wise: What the heck is going on?
Shadow: Mel, I want to believe. But I need your help. I need your bank account details and credit card.
Mel: Okay Shadow, if that'll help you believe. Smile
Shadow: It's already helping Mel. I can feel myself believing.
Mel: I knew you'd come around Shadow. *Hands Shadow his credit card and a piece of paper with his bank details*
Shadow: I believe now!
Mel: YAY! Very Happy
Shadow: Thanks Mel. I'll never forget this.
Mel: I know I'm not gay but-
Wise: You better not Mel. You better freaking not.
Shadow: Well, I'm gonna go now!
IRUN: Go where?
Shadow: I'm a Gengar IRUN. I know Levitate. I can fly. I'm going home to spend all of Mel's money.
Mel: WHAT?!?
Mel: NOOOO!!!

Shadow flys off the island.

Berble: Okay Mel.
Berble: Okay.
Mel: BELI-*Gets kicked in the groin by IRUN*
IRUN: Dangit Mel.
Berble: :O
Mel: You forgot my wallet's there! *Kicks IRUN back*
Wise: Since Shadow left what happens now?
IRUN: Uhm I guess he'll count as the eliminated person.
Wise: We're down to 5 people now in comparison to Team Tangy's 8! DANGIT SHADOW! :@
Berble: Sad
Berble: He's not here Wise.
Wise: :@

Next episode: EVERYONE DIES! ...Of course not. That would be stupid.
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:33 am

Episode 9

The teams are enjoying a nice breakfast when all of a sudden a boat comes into view. Four mysterious figures come into view.

Berble: Shiiii.
Shadow: Behold my legion of the undead! Zombie Necro! Zombie Jay! And Zombie Mel!
Mel: I'm still alive!
Shadow: ...Who the $#@^ is this then?
Miles: You ran him over with your car on accident.
Shadow: Is that against the law?
Miles: Well, it's not good.
Shadow: What if he calls the police?
Miles: He's dead.
Shadow: Oh yeah.
Wise: Why are you doing this Shadow this Shadow? We don't have any money here on the island!
Shadow: I know. But I want to steal your shadows. As a Gengar, I get stronger the more shadows I devour.
Wise: How can you devour a shadow?
Shadow: Like this! *Bends down and starts gnawing on the ground*
Wise: ...I'm so scared. -_-

Wise's shadow disappears.

Wise: WHAT?!?
Shadow: WHO'S NEXT?!?
Wally Me: You can't-
Shadow: WATCH ME!
Wally Me: D:
Shadow: Watch me dance I mean! *Starts to dance*
Wise: Wha...?
Shadow: Okay, now for your shadows!
Wise: Shadow, let's dual!
Shadow: Uhm, what?
Wise: I'm not really human. *Takes off skin* I'm a Galvantula.
Berble: SHIIII!
Shadow: WHAT?!?
Wise: THUNDER! *Misses*
Shadow: ...
Wise: ...THUNDER THUNDER THUNDER! *They all miss*
Shadow: 70% accuracy haha yes.
Wise: $#@^, why'd I get Unnerve as an ability and not Compound Eyes?
Shadow: If it must come to this Wise, I will not hold back! SHADOW BALL!
Shadow: Dangit, 5 turns of 50% Special Attack.
Wise: Ergh, how long does 5 turns translate to real time?
Shadow: I think about 5 seconds.
Wise: %$@^.
Shadow: SHADOW B-

Just then Mel attacks Shadow.

Shadow: I'm half Ghost! No Normal type attack will hurt me!
Mel: Shadow, I'm not human either. *Takes off skin*
Shadow: :O How is this possible?
IRUN: I have a confession. I chose you all to participate in Survivor because you're all actually Pokemon. Except Miles. He's too OP as is, he doesn't need to be a Pokemon.
Shadow: $#@^, what if Mel is actually really stron-
Mel: I'm a Bidoof. >=)
Shadow: ...
Wise: ...Wow.
Mel: Surprised, eh?
Shadow: Actually not really.
Mel: Better prepare yourself Shadow.
Shadow: Yeah...don't really have to.
Mel: I'm a mother$#@^ing Bidoof, Shadow. I can do whatever the $#@^ I want.
Shadow: ...Okay.
Mel: Feel fear yet Shadow?
Shadow: I feel a tad constipated.
Mel: Yeah, well, fear can feal like constiption at times.
Shadow: Mel, lets end this now.
Mel: Yeah, lets.
Miles: Shadow, I'm done.
Berble: ?
Miles: I've tied up IRUN and all the contestants except Berble and Wise. You can now freely take their shadows.
Shadow: Wise, Berble, I'm giving you the chance to join me in my quest for world domination. Wise, I'll even give your shadow back if you do.
Wise: Can I be co-admin?
Berble: Dangit Wise.
Wise: :$
Shadow: Okay Wise.
Wise: YES!
Shadow: Wise has already joined me Berble. Join the dark side Berble. We have spinach.
Berble: :S
Shadow: We used to have cookies, but $#@^ing Miles ate them all.
Miles: :$
Mel: Shadow, I'm ready for the dance off now!
Shadow: Too late Mel. I've already won.
Mel: What, you're going to try and steal my shadow? By the time you bite the ground and attempt to steal it I will have unleashed my Bidoof wrath upon you.
Shadow: There's another way to steal shadows, Mel.
Mel: There is?
Shadow: Yes. SLUDGE BOMB!

Mel gets blown into a thousand pieces.

Berble: D:
Shadow: Next is everyone else. Berble, last chance to join.
Berble: I will stop you Shadow! Witness my true form! I am an Ursaring and I-

Berble narrowly dodges the bomb. It hits all the people tied up and obliterates them.

Berble: NOOOOOOOO!!!
Shadow: The time for world domination is nigh. Come Zombie Necro and Zombie Jay. Miles, Wise, let's go.

Shadow, Miles, Wise, Zombie Necro, and Zombie Jay get into the boat and leave the island. The only apparent survivor on the island is Berble. What will happen next?!?
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:03 pm

Episode 10

2K: W-what's going on? I thought I was dead!
???: Never say never 2K.
2K: Justin Beiber?!?
JB: That's right 2K. I saved everyone here because you're my biggest fans.
2K: I was never a fan of yours.
JB: You know you love me, I know you care...
2K: No I don't.
JB: Just shout whenever, and I'll be there.
2K: Wait, I've heard this before.
JB: You are my love, you are my heart.
2K: No! :@
JB: And we will never ever ever be apart.
2K: *Kicks Justin Beiber in the groin* SHUT UP!
JB: Haha, don't worry, I don't have any balls.
2K: Justin Beiber happened.
JB: Are we an item? Girl, quit playing.
Pao: Are you really Justin Beiber?
JB: We're just friends, what are you saying?
Pao: I never thought of you as a friend.
JB: Say there's another and look right in my eyes.
Pao: I'm not gay.
JB: My first love broke my heart for the first time
Pao: Please tell me I wasn't your first love.
JB: And I was like...
2K and Pao: WE DON'T WANT TO HEAR THE CHORUS! *Synchonized groin kick*
JB: Fine. Are you ready to get revenge on Shadow?
Pao: Not really. I'm not that pissed at him.
JB: He killed Mel!
Pao: Wait, Mel died?
JB: Yeah, I didn't have time to teleport him away him like I did you guys.
Pao: Oh...
JB: Want to get revenge now?
Pao: Nah, not really. It was just Mel.
2K: Sothe. Sad
Sothe: 2K?!?
2K: SOTHE?!?
Sothe: I'm okay!
JB: You want to know the REAL reason Sothe killed himself? It wasn't you 2K. It was Shadow. Earlier in that day Sothe told Shadow he couldn't give him a Pokemon team to beat Shadow's lab partner because Sothe sold his copy of Pokemon on eBy to buy a limited edition Justin Beiber toothpaste. Shadow said he'd perma ban him when they got home. This made Sothe so depressed, that when 2K came out to him it pushed him over the limit, and he killed himself. Or at least tried to. I rescued him from the sharks! Very Happy
Sothe: Now let's get revenge!
JB: Here's the plan. Sothe and 2K, you will face off vs. Miles. I'll face off vs. Zombie Jay and Necro. Pao, I know you don't want revenge, but don't you want to bring back Wise?
Pao: Yeah!
JB: Alright, Pao will bring back Wise. Berble? Where's Berble?
Berble: Here I am! I was seeing if there were any survivors! I'm so glad everyone's okay!
JB: You'll defeat Shadow.
Berble: You're right, I must stop him from taking over the world.
JB: I will now teleport you all to his exact location.

Justin Beiber teleports 2K, Sothe, Pao, and Berble to where Shadow, Miles, Wise, and the two zombies are.

Shadow: ?!?
Berble: Shadow, as your friend I must stop you.
Shadow: Justin Beiber? Why did you only bring these people? I thought you were gonna bring everyone to help me out?
JB: Help you? I'm here for revenge! PREPARE TO DIE!

Everyone faces off against each other. Berble vs. Shadow, 2K and Sothe vs. Miles, Pao vs. Wise, and Justin Beiber vs. Zombie Jay and Zombie Necro.

Shadow: Berble, come with me.

Shadow teleports Berble to another dimension.

Berble: Why are you doing this Shadow?
Shadow: Just listen. I already told this to Miles and Wise, and now I'll tell you. I can only take one person with me to this dimension at a time, so I couldn't explain to everyone at the island my true plans. That's why I sent Justin Beiber to rescue everyone. Mel died, but that's okay, he's just Mel. Okay, now listen up. There's a secret organization that is in control of the world. They pretend to be on the side of justice, but they aren't. In reality they are preventing Next Level Games from making a new MSC. They must be stopped at all costs. They normally never show themselves, except when a great evil appears, in which case they attempt to stop them to keep up their image as defenders of justice. If I pretended to take over the world they'd try and stop me. I could then defeat them and a new MSC could be made. However, they have eyes everywhere. I told Justin Beiber my plan, and he saved you all by teleporting you far away to someplace the secret organization couldn't monitor. There he was supposed to tell you the truth, and then everyone on the island would help me stop the organization from preventing another MSC from being made. But apparently he wants to kill me.
Berble: Whoa.
Shadow: Justin Beiber manipulated Survivor by choosing people who were actually Pokemon, as Pokemon are the only people strong enough to fight the orginization. IRUN betrayed Justin Beiber, and locked him away. He then took over Survivor. I took Mel's money so I could pay Justin Beiber's bail. I then returned to the island with Miles to enact my plan. I also used my powers to make Jay and Necro my zombie slaves. Couldn't think of any better people to make my slaves.
Berble: Beiber caught you telling Sothe you'd perma ban him, which caused Sothe to make a suicide attempt. That caused Justin to betray you.
Shadow: I know. However, in case of a betrayel I intentionally didn't "kill" you and Wise, in hopes you were join me, as you're the two strongest people on the island. Sadly, only Wise joined. What the %$#@^ Berble?!?
Berble: Sorry. :$
Shadow: Now that you know the truth, will you help me stop the organization?
Berble: YES! Very Happy
Shadow: I'll teleport you back to Earth now. Convince Pao to join us too.  But you can't tell him the truth otherwise "They" will hear.
Berble: Okay.

Shadow and Berble return to Earth.

Berble: Pao, I have decided to take over the world with Shadow. Please join me!
Pao: Okay Berble!
Berble: *To himself* Wow, that was easy.
JB: I have defeated the zombies! YOU'RE NEXT SHADOW!

Justin Beiber tries to kill Shadow, but Berble kills him.

Shadow: 2K, Sothe. You'll be useless if you join me to take over the world. You should elope together in some far off land. Don't even return to the island. Just go somewhere far away. If you do I'll spare your lives.

Sothe: Let's do that 2K.
2K: Yeah, I agree. Smile

2K and Sothe leave happily together.

Shadow: Miles, Berble, and Wise. You know what we must do!
Miles, Berble and Wise: YES!

Next time: Comedy returns after a set-up chapter. Look forward to it!
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PostSubject: Re: Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition   Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:27 pm

Episode 11

Shadow: Okay, everyone gets nicknames.
Wise: Uhm, okay.
Shadow: My nickname will be Poison of the Old Man.
Paolito: Lol.
Shadow: Miles’s name can be The Buff One.
Miles: (cool)
Shadow: Wise’s can be The Wise One.
Wise: That’s actually my existing name.
Shadow: It works though, right?
Wise: Ergh, yeah.
Shadow: Pao doesn’t deserve a nickname.
Paolito: WHAT?!?
Shadow: Berble’s can be Barbie.
Berble: WHAT?!?
Paolito: Freak you Shadow.
Shadow: Alright, let’s go save the world!
Berble: Barbie. :’(


Shadow: Pao, I’ve decided on a nickname for you.
Pao: Yay!
Shadow: “Not as Good as Shadow at MSC”
Pao: That’s a lame nickname Shadow, you suck.
Shadow: It’s very fitting.
Pao: How about we call you, “Lost to Wise 7-0 in MSC”
Pao: You know who did? Your mom!
Shadow: Let’s dual in MSC. If I win you quit the group.
Pao: And If I win?
Shadow: You still quit the group.
Pao: HEY How about this? If I win I get a cool nickname like Miles, Berble, or Wise.
Shadow: Pao *Leaves out my nickname which is the coolest one*
Pao: You know who else got left out? Your-
Wise: Just play Shadow, Pao.
Pao: Okay.

Pao squeaks out a 7-6 win in Game 1. In Game 2 he loses 7-5. Game 3 is 6-6.

Pao: You better watch out Shadow!
Shadow: I’ve got a secret strategy Pao.
Pao: Yeah right.
Shadow: It’s called the boo glitch strategy.
Pao: You better not.
Shadow: *Boo glitches*
Shadow: Time to score!
Shadow: And just to troll you I’m gonna shoot it uncharged from halfcourt with a boo.

Shadow boo glitches from half court with a boo. Pao completely screws up blocking it and Shadow wins.

Shadow: Very Happy
Pao: Forget MSC Shadow. Play me in Titanfall.
Shadow: No.
Pao: Stop being a noob and play me in Titanfall Shadow.
Shadow: NO!
Pao: Wise, let’s start our own group. Let’s call it Global Domination.
Wise: We need nicknames!
Pao: I’ll be The Incredible Paoloriffic.
Wise: I’ll be The Incredible Wiseriffic.
Pao: We’re so cool! Very Happy
Wise: Very Happy
Shadow: This is so incredibly gay.
Pao: Don’t be jealous you’re not a part of GD Shadow.
Shadow: Good luck saving the world. I’m leaving.

Shadow leaves with Miles and Berble.

Berble: WAIT!
Shadow: ?
Berble: Need a new nickname! No Barbie! :@
Shadow: Fine, you can be Berblicious.
Berble: I sound like a smoothie.
Shadow: It’s either that or Barbie.
Berble: Berblicious it is! Very Happy

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the Evil Organization.

???: It looks like there are two groups now plotting to take over the world.
????: We must stop them.
??: Bring out the secret weapon.
Ronald McDonald: What am I doing here?
?: Ronald. You must save the world from the evil Shadow, Miles, Berble, Wise, and Pao.
Ronald: I love you, you love me. We’re a happy Mcfamily. With a Big Mac and fries from me to you, won’t you say you’ll put ketchup on me too?
?????: Dangit Ronald, stop singing that song.
???: That’s not even how it goes.
?: Ronald, leave now.
Ronald: Not without a kiss! Very Happy
??: No one will kiss you.
Ronald: I’ll kiss myself then!
????: Why is he even a part of this organization?
?: Because of his power.
?????: What power?
?: The power of the McDouble. It’s an ancient power that ended famine, ended wars, ended relationships, and ended erectile dysfunction.
???: Wow, that sounds awesome.
?: We must never doubt Ronald, despite how weird he might seem.
Ronald: I just realized shoes go on feet! I only have one shoe though.
????: Where did you originally put it? And one shoe? ...Ohhhh.
Ronald: Very Happy

Next time on Survivor: We take a break from saving the world and head back to the island!
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Survivor: Mario Strikers Charged Edition
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