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 Good Games.

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Good Games. Empty
PostSubject: Good Games.   Good Games. EmptyMon Jan 13, 2014 7:28 pm

It's funny. If you had said that I was going to quit MSC a few months ago, I would have thought that you were crazy. But here I am typing up (probably) my last post. I know it seems sudden, but I've actually been contemplating this for a while now - and I truly believe it is the best option for me.

While trying to persuade Treesus to make a comeback to MSC a few months ago, I mentioned that the main reason I stuck with the game is because of the people. He seemed to be amused at this and replied that the people were the main reason why he didn't want to come back. At the time, I ignored this and turned the other way. However, the past few weeks have shown why he was correct in his judgment. There's so much shit that goes on in the chatroom, and quite honestly, I'm tired of putting up with it. This obviously isn't the only factor that makes me want to stop - interest in other games, a loss of interest in MSC, and real life duties have all contributed.

Does this mean I regret joining the MSC community? Of course not. MSC introduced me to the competitive scene of games - something that I plan to be apart of in my future. It allowed me to better understand the internet and its inhabitants. But most importantly, it allowed me to meet some truly awesome people.

No, I'm probably not quitting MSC forever because I know that I'll eventually want to play again. Hell, you might even see me on the chat or forums occasionally. And if a third Strikers comes out, you can bet anything that I'll get it and play competitively. But for now, I think that my time of entering tournaments, hanging in the chatroom all the time, and participating in competitive MSC are over. It's been really fun guys, and I wish you all the best. Feel free to Skype or Facebook me any time, and to my fellow Melee players: I'll see you down the road.

People who I consider to be my friends:
Berble -  It turns out you were more powerful in the end. Skype me if you want to continue/finish the project we were working on, or for any other reason.
Shadow - It's weird. Whenever I talk to you in real life, you're super chill. But when you get on the internet, you become a massive troll. I know most of the time you were just messing with me, but even so, it was hard to tell sometimes. But in the end, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.
Miles - One of the most awesome people I've ever met in general. Skype me for Apex!
CC - Not going to lie, I didn't think much of you when I first joined the community. But as time passed, I got to know you a lot better, and I can say you're a really cool person. Also, NV and DW destroy your decks.
Treesus - One of the most puzzling, infuriating, and philosophical people I've met.
Tweek - Our PM sessions aren't over. Skype me when you want to play.
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Good Games. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Good Games.   Good Games. EmptyTue Jan 14, 2014 12:38 am

good shit to be fair. good luck to you tangy
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Good Games.
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