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 'Best of' List - Gen 1

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'Best of' List - Gen 1 Empty
PostSubject: 'Best of' List - Gen 1   'Best of' List - Gen 1 EmptyFri Nov 15, 2013 12:08 am


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'Best of' List - Gen 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 'Best of' List - Gen 1   'Best of' List - Gen 1 EmptyFri Nov 15, 2013 12:33 am

This is truly an excellent, in-depth analysis on the greatest players of the first era. Whenever I think back on the best players, such as when making my Top 25 list, there were around ten people who I considered to be a cut above the rest. I just labeled them as "Masters," while the rest of my list were "Elites." However, you've brought to light how much more important and influential the "Masters" were.

I always considered people like me and Jester to be great players, but when you take into consideration, like you mentioned, how the majority of people emulated those ahead of them, you begin to see things in a different light.

While I don't feel I purposely copied anyone, having an unique team and all, I always felt my style was similar to Robzfresh and Brian, and Robz especially had a much greater mastery over the fundamentals and mechanics of the game than me, and was thus able to play at much higher level.

For me, it hinges on consistency. Was I able, from time to time, to beat Robz and Brian? Yes. Did that make me better? No. If we were consider MSC as Baseball, and me as a professional player, then they were All-Stars. The standouts in their positions, people who paved the way for the future generation.

I consider there to be a lot more great players than simply ten. However, I agree that the crème de la crème of the players were few, and that the lower-tier players emulated their skills and style. That being said, I now realize there's no need for a Top 25. A list like yours suffices, and I appreciate you going to the effort to construct such an informative and in-depth list so that the people who never got to experience Era 1 first-hand can greater understand what went on then.
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'Best of' List - Gen 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 'Best of' List - Gen 1   'Best of' List - Gen 1 EmptyFri Nov 15, 2013 12:57 am

alright my first post got deleted. restarting from scratch and maybe its a good thing. I dont have a lot of input on who the elites at the time of gen 1 were, but i do have my opinions on how you arrive at that list. The list, first of all, should be small. 10 at most. And even ten might be stretching it for the size of the msc community. When you think of the top players in the history of this game, i believe the answer should be easy. If you're not sure if someone was a top player....they weren't. If you are pretty sure they were, they weren't. If you're absolutely sure they were and they forever changed the meta and the way people play the game, then yes...maybe they were.

I have my opinions on the distinguishing marks of an elite. First of all, they have an insane punish game. Too many players i’ve played since ‘09, and even some of the well known “top”players of bay and sky completely lacked a punish game. The elite should be defined by their ability to capitalize on every single mistake that their opponent makes. Msc is unique in that really even a small mistake on your opponent’s end can be tragic. Not only can it lead to a free goal, but it can change the momentum and tide of the game in just one single play. The elite is aware of this and punishes accordingly. They’ve refined their game to the point where they rarely make mistakes, and always keep themselves at positional advantage. they are aware of their character spacing as well as the position of the defense. they are aware of items they have as well as their opponents and they notice quicker than anyone else the holes and opportunities in the defense. they recognize safe passes and safe place and are not reckless in their approaches lest they should be punished.

Defense is a topic that i’ve never enjoyed talking about, perhaps to my own detriment. An elite has impeccable defense. In fact their defense is so good that they know you better than you know yourself. They know that you’re going to the left side. or the right. They pick up on patterns that you didnt know you had. They see your movement and read you before you even made the decision to move. and when they’ve stolen the ball and punish you readily as an elite should, you sit back and wonder. how the fuck?

These are some of my thoughts on what establishes as elite player. I cant speak for any of the elites in gen 1 except for tnm and arbok, both of whom i feel embody these descriptions from matches i had played with them.

On an unrelated note about timed matches, i do believe they brought a lot to the table. so much of what made msc such an amazing spectator game and playing experience was the fact that the game had so much momentum. One goal was sometimes all it took to get a mental and momentum advantage. Timed matches at the high level were always : goal, goal, goal, goal, etc. You were always on your toes. No time to regroup or circle in the back court while you make up your mind on how to approach. you better be damn ready. You’re in a rush against the clock to get that momentum advantage and ride that momentum until the series is doen. I do regret taht first to 7, although it has its merits, somewhat eliminates this important aspect of the game. I’ll have more thought and will probably contribute more soon.
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'Best of' List - Gen 1 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 'Best of' List - Gen 1   'Best of' List - Gen 1 Empty

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'Best of' List - Gen 1
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