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 waLuigi me's Introduction

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waLuigi me

waLuigi me

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PostSubject: waLuigi me's Introduction   waLuigi me's Introduction EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 12:13 am

Hello, I go by the name of waLuigi me. I have been around the game since the beginning but didn't start playing competitively until late 08 when I found out about mscbay. I then started playing anyone and everyone trying to get better but was at the level of just being happy to play.

My clan list is rather short and not really interesting. I started out in NN where I was ownered soon after joining. After NN died, I decided to make a new competitive clan with HaLR, in order to be competitive and stop Julio from leaving msc. We teamed up with Julio and Shadow and created a new clan which later on became known as Charged Brigade. I haven't left this clan since its creation and don't plan on leaving unless it is completely dead.

About my actual msc past. I started becoming good at the game in early 09 and started getting recognition for being good at it. I became a threat in clan wars while even in NN and got offered to join what were the top clans at the time being St and wt.

I then made my next statement in the game by being selected to representing North America in the NTSC vs PAL tournament in which I split the series with the European known as Neyo.

After the legendary Scruffs quit msc, people started considering me the best active msc player of the time (although I will never consider myself better than scruffs) I was very happy to have obtained that title and am appreciative of those who believed in that.

After MSCBay died, I put the game down for about a year until people started telling me about trying to revive msc which I laughed at at first but then did what I could to help and thus the SCL was born with the help of Ziz and Miles.

I hope this league works out for everyone and is found to be competitive and enjoyable.

A little about myself personally.
I am 20 years old attending the University of Kentucky where I will begin my third year as a computer engineering major (yes that is how I know how to do a lot with comptuers). I have played sports competitively all my life but most notably are basketball and tennis.

I played basketball with current Division one players including Darius Miller (UK) and Preston Knowles(just graduated from UofL) and have gotten to play with the bulk of UK's basketball team when I was fortunate enough to try out for them.

If you really care to know my interests are rather obvious: Sports, gaming, hanging with friends, computers.

If you wish to know any stories from bay days feel free to let me know (I miss the bay days where I would tell everyone on chat stories of different experiences xD)
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PostSubject: Re: waLuigi me's Introduction   waLuigi me's Introduction EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 2:59 pm

glad i got an honorable mention in your intro Cool
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waLuigi me's Introduction
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