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 Necro Introduction

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PostSubject: Necro Introduction   Necro Introduction EmptyMon Aug 15, 2011 11:57 pm

Sup guys, it's Necro here, I bought the game at around January of 2011, I didn't start playing online competitively until around 3 months ago, I consider myself a newbie at the game because people that have played the game since it was released still play it to this date. I consider myself a big potential because I can compete with a lot of players and am learning how to do many tricks quickly, I came to join the league to see if I can really show my improvements as a new player against proven professionals.

I originally started playing online with Brawl and joined the clan Demonic Souls about a year ago, stayed there for about 3 months and then the clan died (it wasn't that good) because they were "a summer clan" which was a bummer so I just decided to quit the Brawl competitiveness completely.

After my short time with Brawl, I went into the Mario Kart Wii community and quickly trained to become a very good racer, my first clan that I attempted to join was in fact the Charged Brigade where i was not accepted by Waluigi Me or Yoshi Sad, however I kept training and eventually founf my stay in a clan known as Imperials, I managed to stay there for about a month having very successful wars and good positioning there. However there was a very big argument between the owner and myself which caused me to get kicked out of the clan Sad. Exactly a week after being kicked out, I found a clan called Pain where I attempted to join, what was my test? It was participating in a war against the clan High Definition :O very tough test, I managed to do well on the test and I was accepted, my time there was very nice as I participated in about 6-10 wars in a period of about a month. After a month I found out very stunningly that the clan Pain was merging with Speed Racers to form the new clan, Speed Pain. Sadly when they combined the clan I was cut from the roster after their 2nd round of cuts and I was again a free agent. One dayI stumbled upon a random chat and this one guy comes up to me and said if I wanted to join a clan, I said sure and I was instantly accepted, the problem however was that the clan died the same week (ROFL). After that encounter I found myself in an interesting position as I was in Downtown Stars legitly after a test but for some odd reason, the clan became a Battle Clan which was a big bummer. After that I quit the clanning for good in mkw. But now recently I'm in a new sub-clan called Magma Dashers, I hope it's a long well deserved stay Very Happy.

After my time with Downtown Stars, I decided to start playing the newly purchased game Mario Strikers Charged, I loved the original and thought I could take the same skill from there and switch it over to the wii version, DEAD WRONG, i sucked balls at the game from the start and had to battle to even pass the story mode of the game. After long hours of practice, I finally became decent enough to beat the story easily and I decided to take my new skills over to online play. Did not go so hot, I had my first season go at about 15-30. After about 400 games, my record was 150-250. Not good, I decided I was going to look for a place to play msc with other people online, fortunately I came around to a site called SR, which had only one person in the chat, but that one person caused me to be the player I am today, Coheed&Cambria accepted me into the clan, (which now is basically nothing) and showed me to the place known as mscsky.tk where I met very awesome people. I was shown a lot of tricks and strategies which caused me to become at a good position. Three months later and now I'm at Division 4 of the Strikers Cup League! I sure have come a long way from that nub who was easily crushed by Waluigi Me and Yoshi 4 months ago when I thought i was good (which i wasn't).

Well I think I've said enough and I hope the community grows more and I get to meet awesome new people like Coheed&Cambria and Pricykoopa.

Peace! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Necro Introduction   Necro Introduction EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 12:05 am

doing great necro. keep with the community as it grows and keep practicing msc Smile
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Necro Introduction
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