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 fifaking's Intro

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PostSubject: fifaking's Intro   fifaking's Intro EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 7:49 pm

Hey it's fifaking here people. Well, i started playing msc in 2008 at one of my friend's houses and we could never beat the Striker Cup sadly. Well then after a year or so, my parents got me the game for christmas and I played that game for 10 hours after I got it. Then about a month or so later me and my little bro finally beat the cup. We were screaming when we beat petey's crappy team. So after that I tried out ranked and was 3-21 in my first season. Some of those matches i saw people chipping it off the wall and stuff so I went on youtube and learned some of the basic trick-shots. By about 1 week my ranked record turned to 30-15!!!!! I still wanted more though. During March of 2010 when I had an ACL reconstruction surgery I had nothing better to do but to play msc all...day...long. I then got a record of 100-43 1004 pts. SOTD and rank 1. Finally. Then I took a break from msc for 6 months and went to pokemon. Once I was bored with pokemon I went back to ranked and saw an mscsky.tk mii on ranked and decided to see what it was about. Then came here, joined GD, left GD when it died and here I am now.

The End
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fifaking's Intro
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