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 Melbester9's Introduction

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PostSubject: Melbester9's Introduction   Melbester9's Introduction EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 5:20 pm

Hello everyone. As you guys obviously know I'm Mel. It's been a crazy adventure and a crazy past. The way I got to this point was a bumpy ride. Before Mscbay and mscsky, I was on youtube. During September 2008 when I first signed up on youtube, I was in a competitive and huge brawl clan called Internal Sky Warriors. We had over 40 members, monthly prized tournaments and clan wars. We are allied to six other brawl clans. We all had good website and a good time. I will give you a list of the clan. I was one of the five co leaders. I've played everyone in that clan along with my good buddy shadow who is also known as Justin. Great guy and cool one too. Everyone in that clan had a lot of talent. We even had two girls in our clan. Ranma and Daisycat. They were fun to talk with. Then we had the Holiday Brawl Tournament. One of the players I faced was Ivanolo. One of the best samus you would ever see. During those great times, I was very good at brawl.. I mained Captain Falcon, Wolf, Zelda, Link, Ness Lucas, Ike and Wario. However, my brawl leader drinkcanadadry got hacked on his youtube page and clan website. He couldn't get his account and site back. Right there it killed the clan. It was sad because I had a great time and they were the best brawl players I ever enjoyed playing. Folm3 who is dominican like me, great brawler. Every single person I enjoyed brawling with. Take a look at the players. Wadycooly9 who is my real life friend also joined the clan.
AlphabustEXE rank: Guard
Brawlmaster08 rank: Guard
Overthewoods rank: knight
IslandBreakers rank: knight
Alex52795 rank: knight
SamuraiBlader rank: fighter
LatiosPwns rank: fighter
Bignekidbat rank: fighter
BeatlesFan830 rank: fighter
ogstatus54 rank: fighter
YOKOKUWABARA rank: fighter
Ikeslayer87 rank: knight
DaisyCat93 rank: average
RockRex21 rank: average
RanmaMchugh rank: average
Zerobeat1234 rank: ?
Fushigibana0 rank ?
Yoshimaster20 rank ?
Wadycooly9 rank: knight
Agentinu rank: ?
sakon10 rank: ?
loser6665 rank: ?
ecuaperuprinz rank: ?
sasukepaladinero rank:?
hamsterlover001 rank: ?
BloodShadowOfMOHH2 rank: ?
darknessinlight221 rank: ?
Giygas Brawl Clan ~ shadow4795
Dark Flame Elites ~ usoppthegod
The Espadas ~ Jameboo427
Probrawl3rs ~ Probrawl3rs
KillaX Infection Clan ~ VideoGames380

Once Brawl clan died, I went back into msc until one day, I went into mscbay.com. It was a huge place back in the day. I joined in early 2009 when I was in 9th grade. I remember seeing arbok, psyco, Wally me, batman, sire, fox, doom, kingz, Julio, Luma, Jake, Wt members, st members, wts members, es and ap. I first joined wts with Julio. Then I joined ap and it was a great time. Doom was a great guy and luckily he came back and I can contact him now. Kingz we all know what happened. Faked to be a girl but ended up being a boy. Trix was in ap. I remembered the ap clan tourney when I lost to Trix's DK. I was so mad that day. Then Doom decided to leave. He made Grace and Fox owners. That however did not help keep the clan alive. Fox left to ES, everyone had quit and went their separate ways.
After the downfall of AP, I went to ES. ES was fun too and one of the longest running msc clan ever. Starfire or stardust which I wish I could of played, Fox, me, Coly, etc. I don't remember everyone in ES but boy it was a fun experience. I wished I could name each and every one of them. Once everyone left ES. Other clans like Lgs were made, ST died and wt made a new clan. I was clanless for a while. Back on bay, I was so hated. I trolled, spam, flamed and got banned numerous amount of times. I even got banned forever at one point, but I kept coming back and back again. It was a tough time for me because I wasn't loved and it was hard for me to gain respect from the other msc players at the time. I was fortunate to play many players like Sire, Wally me, Julio Batman, Psyco,Scruffs, Cal, Ziz, Coly, Fox, Trix, Miles, shadow, halr, analia, and many more. I know I played many of you but I can't remember everyone I played since it was a long time ago.
Then one day 1 =2 or 1 does not equal two(Don't remember which one) was transformed into the greatest ntsc msc clan EVER. It was CHARGED BRIGADE! It was popular and had many great owners. They were tough and competitive and kicked everyone's ass like GD, lgs ST, Es etc. Unfortunately when bay was being gay, CB did the lockout where no cb can go to bay, it killed bay from that point on. During the Dark Mscbay ages, I was learning to be more mature and you know, living my own life, dealing with school etc. Then I joined CB for brawl and COD. Brawl was great at that time. Negi, Konga, STRM and so on. Before that it was TVC, Disco my favorite guy to talk to about fighting games, Ryno and zero. I was eventually kicked out of cb because wally thought I wasn't trying hard and not beating everyone in the clan like the way they expected. When I left, It was a hard time for me.
With bay being gone and everyone who left, it was hard to stay in touch with everyone. Then all of a sudden, I joined SF. I was grateful that Lightz, Skittz, Gable and Jago invited me when I had no clan to join in. I joined SF for COD and it was a fun experience. During those times, old bay players would hang out on Cb chat until CB merged into a huge mkw clan when they won their division for WCL and changing over to Skype.
One day me, Jacob, Lightz, CC and a couple of others talked about making a new mscbay but in the name mscsky. We ran into Jay who had a mscsky chat. From that point on, We got CC and we all advertised ranked as mscsky.tk. Skitt made the site for us at that point in time earlier this year. Then CC bought a domain for a website. Once that happened, more players from bay kept coming back and the community grew more every single day. Then I joined CB for one last time, even though I hated clan Hopping, I wanted to join a committed and a good clan. All of a sudden Mike aka Evildentist talked with eray, slayer and gills about reviving de which is now tp.Mike ended up moving the entire COD division into tp. Tp was an msc clan but now it's just a cod clan. Now I currently play with TP for GB. During these years, I grew maturely, made new friends and made myself more admirable to be more competitive for myself as time grew on.
From Mscbay til now, a lot of shit happened. I'm glad I was able to be with you guys. The memories I had will never be forgotten. Even though it had good and bad times, it was a fun experience for me. As for my personal life, I'm a 17 year old dominican from NYC. I love anime, video games, sports, entertainment like any other teen. I have dreams of wanting to become a Sports Broadcaster and living in Japan. Boy it was a long post. I might of had some misspellings along the way, but if you read my entire introduction, then I give you props for that. That's pretty much it about me. Hope you enjoyed my intro.
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PostSubject: Re: Melbester9's Introduction   Melbester9's Introduction EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 6:44 pm

Lmao long ass post Mel but glad to see you're active in the forums
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PostSubject: wow   Melbester9's Introduction EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 9:01 pm

Holy Crap mel you write alot, i guess you really liked ur brawl stuff back in the day.. Rolling Eyes
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PostSubject: Re: Melbester9's Introduction   Melbester9's Introduction Empty

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Melbester9's Introduction
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