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 Cow's Intro

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Cow's Intro Empty
PostSubject: Cow's Intro   Cow's Intro EmptySun Aug 14, 2011 3:23 pm

What's up people? I'm MSCownage, aka cow. ( msCOWnage) i was introduced to msc in 6th grade by my friends, and we always did story mode 4 player and we never got past the 2nd cup. xD So my friends quit msc, and i decided to buy the game. I beat story mode, and i was feeling pretty good about myself, so i went on ranked for the first time, and got my butt kicked. I didn't quit, watched youtube videos, and got better and better and just played and played ( run- on sentence ftw). Then i started getting a ton of messages on my "MSCownage" youtube account from Mscsky.com people. so i came to the site and got better and that's where i am now. I was never at bay, i wish i was. And now it's sunday at 1:21pm, and im writing this. xD that's the story of my Msc life. Im excited about the SCL and i can't wait to see what happens. Shocked I'm am now just about at my Prime in MSC and its been a fun journey. Have fun, and good luck! drunken
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Cow's Intro
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