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 Advanced Techniques

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PostSubject: Advanced Techniques   Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:56 am

The following is an archive of highly advanced tactics employed by top players. For organization's sake please do not respond to this topic. To submit an advanced technique PM Shadowinvadr or Treesus on the chatroom or on the forums. This topic does NOT address trick shots or direct methods of scoring. Forum names are Shad0winvadr and Treesus

Contributions From: Tangy, Treesus, Batman, Arbok.

Block Prediction
After performing a trick (commonly 'serve it in') the offense will predict that the defense is going to block the trick with a pass (most likely ZA pass) and will then move their players appropriately to intercept the defenses pass block with a shot that will often go in.

Banana Camp
The act of camping banana peels while on offense in hopes that the defense will slip into them creating an opening. This is done by circling around peels or simply walking right through them during the first second of use and baiting the defense into them so that they slip.

Chomp Follow
Used by the offense when they have a chain chomp active. By following directly behind the chain chomp the offense can often poke many holes in the defense while using the chain chomp to advance down the field.

Item Sharking
When two players are chasing after a free ball (most commonly a free ball that is rolling towards a corner) and one of the players puts themselves in front of the other in an attempt to have the other player slide through them to obtain the ball thus giving them a free item.

Pre-Z Charge
Holding Z in anticipation of obtaining the ball in order to execute a trick faster once possession is gained.

Chomp Dodge
Using a speed character to avoid a chain chomp by running in tight circles. Often used to make the chain chomp hit the other team.

Done with any character that has maximum defense. Performed by executing a no-charge chip and then sliding into it. Purposes include advancing down the field while simultaneously charging the ball as well as making bombs harder to target you. Also allows for powerful field advancement by slide tackling defenders and by utilizing the speed boost from chipping for extra speed.

Chip Stall
Chipping the ball (usually with a speed character) and waiting for the defense to slide into it and then regaining possession by either hitting or slide tackling them in return.

Shot Block
Done on defene by maneuvering a defender in front of a player shooting the ball so that the ball hits your defender and blocks the shot. Commonly employed during slow motion passes and to prevent 'star tele' item shots.

Slide Cancel
The act of chipping a ball towards the wall and sliding into the ball, and consequently the wall. If done correctly the slide will be canceled as soon as the wall is touched allowing for faster execution of passes, shots, or further field advancement.

Back Slide
Very common technique used to receive passes faster. It is done by sliding into a pass. This allows you to physically receive the pass faster and safer since the slide will tackle any nearby defenders. It also cuts out ALL lag that inhibits characters upon receiving a pass. This is especially useful for any pass made or received by a character with bad passing or by power-defensive characters that can backslide into shots.

Boo Goalie
The use of speed characters (most commonly boo) as goalies to intercept weak shots, and sometimes medium shots, that Kritter misses or would have missed.

Moving in erratic circle like movements with any character to avoid defenders, slide tackles, and hits in order to find an opening in the defense to execute a trick or shot.

Bomb Pressure
Keeping a bomb item in inventory to discourage the opponent from using items like mushrooms, captain specials and others. Also used occasionally for forcing passes out of Kritter due to the threat of a bomb stun.

Hit Spam
Copious hits used as a defensive technique when there is no consequence for illegal tackles when your opponent already has two items. Done to increase pressure on both offense and defense.

Shot DI
Holding the nunchuck joystick in the direction you want the ball to curve once it is shot.

Lob Intercept
Using a speed character to block a lob shot with a single input (ZA, A, or B). Note that it is near impossible to block lobs while spamming inputs.

Catching Kritter with large horizontal displacement by moving the ball down from one side of the field to the other extremely fast via pass or teleport consequently making some methods of scoring easier while making others harder.

Deke Rush
The use of the forward deke on medium characters to quickly advance down the field and outrun defenders (Even those with high speed).

Kritter Stun
Temporarily dazing Kritter making him incapable of defending or holding the ball. It will also force the ball out of Kritters possession. The following is a list of methods to induce 'Kritter Stun' with the viable techniques in bold. Viable defined as a move that can be used and depended on, not one that is solely based on chance and the situation.

Bomb: If Kritter is hit with a bomb item while in possession he will be inflicted with 'Kritter Stun'. Note that Kritter cannot be targeted by bombs and the only semi-consistent way of hitting him is using bombs while an enemy character is next to kritter.

Boo Skillshot: There is a slim chance that Kritter Stun will be induced if Kritter prevents a boo skillshot.

Daisy Special: If Kritter is within the radius of Daisy's special while he has possession then 'Kritter Stun' will be induced if the special is used.

DK Special: If Kritter is within the radius of DK's special while he has possession then 'Kritter Stun' will be induced if the special is used.

Shell Explosion: When large shells expire or collide they will explode. If Kritter has possession and is in this explosion then he will be inflicted with 'Kritter Stun'.

Follow Up
After performing any trick that involves directly chipping or lobbing the ball into the goal (most commonly 'serve it in') a Follow Up is performed by following the ball and mashing B (or timing B in the case of a lob) to shoot the ball in case it hits the crossbar of the goal or to turn a 'serve it in' into a possible 'self pass'.
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Advanced Techniques
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