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 Top 10 Best players. BY: 2K

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PostSubject: Top 10 Best players. BY: 2K    Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:47 pm

Hello brothers and sister. i will discuss the top 11 best players.

11. (Joker) He is a great player. Do i consider him the GOAT? NO! he is not worthy of being the GOAT. i have play against him before. the game are very intense. when i first play him, i thought he was a cheating Bastard. it turns out, he has skills, and a playmaker.

10. (Nintendomaster) this player is outstanding with Luigi. TO be honest, when i first play this dude. he beat me. i was shock. This 23 year old player is the first player who beat me with Luigi. This kid is a GOAT.

9. (ICE) The Second best Female i ever played. this chick is quick, and play great Defense. she reminds me of Janelle. Although janelle is a better player. but ICE is very Aggressive in the opening. She is not A GOAT!

8. (Julien) The Trickster live on. his name is Julien. when i first play this dude. i got mad real easy. he likes to lob the ball into the goal at half court, and scores. it goes in every time. as time goes on. i know how to stop that. i was able to beat him now. he is a great trckster. he could be the best so far. HE is a GOAT!

7. (Janelle) The best Female. sad to say. when i play her in tangy Tourney. I lost! it was a tragic moment. But still, she has great skills, great Defense, and a clutch player. she does very good under pressure. she is a unique player in every way. She is a GOAT!

6. (Sirrax) You guys probably don't know him. but this guy taught me the fundamental of MSC. i learn how to be a great passer, a great Defensive of players and a great trickster. He is a GOAT!


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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 Best players. BY: 2K    Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:17 pm

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Top 10 Best players. BY: 2K
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