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 Individual Players' Styles

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PostSubject: Individual Players' Styles   Mon Jan 28, 2013 4:35 am

Recently I have been thinking about how interesting it is that every player has their own individual style of playing msc. In this thread I'd like to make a list of the habits, tendencies, and characteristics of certain players' games, or their "meta". Over time, I will update this with posts of players on my mind. I will take requests, and I encourage you to post your own opinions of players to get a more varied list. ALSO, these are all OPINIONS, I am not jesus, only treesus, so these thoughts may not be 100% accurate of your gameplay.

These are all subject to change*

Julien the jawa man
-insanely innovative player; consistently makes up plays I've never seen before mid-match
-imo has one of the most complex metagames
-unpredictability and hella mindgames can make him hard to defend (but sometimes he overthinks his opponent)
-however his gameplay would benefit from being more "refined" in certain situations, he could score more by just using simple, efficient maneuvers rather than going for something risky

-will often try to make his chars move or trick using angles on the nunchuk in between rivets
-will sometimes let his players come to a standstill or move slower than running speed to mindgames
-likes to take random shots for rebounds
-has a tendency to use aerial passes more than most tricksters
-wil sometimes aerial pass with db, and hit your player away while it is still in the air
-will often clear the ball from backfield as a passing option
-is surprisingly strong at scoring tricks immediately after a tele
-performs the top side serve it in well
-punishes patterns
-solid start offs, usually mixed- favors chipping upward, running back then teleing into a trick
-is one of the few that still uses insta
-mixes up both mushroom and cs use, for both offense and defense (not always effective)
-will take charged shots for items even as a trickster
-uses items pretty frivolously imo, spams them alot, but does keep a good flow of them coming
-has a tendency to sometimes choose daisy at away

Sothe-the wilkes barron
-Pretty darn unique player, utilizes a lot of scoring options with weak players
-has a fast-paced game, reacts quickly to defense and makes decisions fast
-very hard to take possession from him when he has the ball in a neutral position; he is constantly passing the ball out of reach of the defender
-has a strong defense vs tricksters

-likes to use aerial passes to score
-will often pass to a char, pass back, then pass to the same char for a shot
-does not favor any one char when shooting, even if the char is a med or a power player
-knows his setups
-likes to use koopa skill shot, which works with surprising success
-has ok startoffs, likes to weave around your defense to go for a mid serve it in, chip upward-> use an item -> then serve it up, or pass back for a shooting setup
-mixes tricking with shooting pretty well but definitely favors shooting, could mingame shots, then trick to score more
-is very good at blocking tricks; he goal camps a lot
-shooting defense is not as strong but still effective
-will hit you when vying for a stray ball on his side of the court
-sometimes uses freeze frame during serve it up to remove defenders (this is usually unnecessary especially when at home)
-uses mushrooms for serve it ups
-makes a good amount of banana goals (only when drunk tho)
-plays mediocre when his head isn't in the right place
shdw edit:
-uses koopa with extreme aggression and force

Yukioh the other dragon
-well rounded player
-is good with a wide variety of captains and combinations (giving him supr much disrespect factor)
-has surprisingly strong pass reads on defense
-has a very clean, competitive playstyle

-tries to stay away from using teles + cs
-has stronger matchups vs. different people (able to pull upsets, and be upsetted)
-uses items pretty well
-imo and idky, but is particularly hard to hit or slide into
-start offs are pretty weak, is mainly chip upward-> trick
-uses wally's self pass to pass to another player sometimes (strange tho)
-likes to self pass in the center in front of the goalie ->pass to another player-> shot
-uses a wide variety of tricks, does not just score with one or two
-mixes up shooting into his game well
-has a good method of pressuring, he cuts off your angles by sliding in close just as you pass
-also has good reads in general for intercepting ground passes
-picks up on patterns well
-has hot and cold streaks
-needs to find a main tho

Boohead86 the legend
-has a respectable offense that can be scary at times
-makes solid defensive reads -> shooting conversions against other shooters
-predictable when he doesn't focus on changing his shot selection
-is really the only pure shooter left

-gets shots off fast, he doesn't hesitate when trying to score
-knows where to score grounded shots from, and uses backslide -> shot well
-however mostly uses random shots, giving him a style based on luck (I'd recommend mixing in a few more setups)
-has solid start ups, tends to favor pass back-> pass to birdo -> backslide -> shot, but will change if need be
-item cycles well
-defense vs tricksters is pretty poor, could benefit from being more patient with slides to make sure they hit, or maybe just goal camping
-likes to use a lot of aerial passes from back field, allows him to take shots quickly and erratically but can leave him open to a lot of steals if the opponent is patient
-has a strong rebound game
-sometimes uses belgian waffle
-uses mushroom for center serve it ins from the back court
-uses wario special for taking charged item shots from corners

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PostSubject: Re: Individual Players' Styles   Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:25 am


- Plays fast (flow)
- Strong player overall

- NEVER teles or cs
- (recently) goes for mid court chips rather frequently
- Chooses Yoshi home when friendly, but switches to daisy come tournament time
- Uses items sparingly and well
- defends aerials very well
- sometimes chips off the wall to pass it to a forward player
- uses high pressure defense to force turnovers
- occasionally uses waffle
- uses passing sequences often
- likes to self pass across the goalie
- will take charged shots with yoshi if too far from a titans or serve it in/up
- yoshi special: either takes out captain and back defenders then titans or takes out captains and serves it in
- daisy special: at start up, moves up and takes out all four defnders with cs
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PostSubject: Re: Individual Players' Styles   Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:11 pm

Player: 2k

-very aggresive, doesnt give a fuck if hes given u items ur still gonna get hit.

-no wheakness on the field
-will uses boo deke and tele as part of his weapons
-will score on u if u leave the game for a moment
-will score with all glitched balls
-strong self pass (he is pretty gud at tht)
-knows what his opponents are going to do
-known to make u play on lava pit unless u check all invites from him
-may have beaten u four times in a row without u rememberin
-tree: greatest streangth is POWER
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PostSubject: Re: Individual Players' Styles   Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:06 am

Colygrim wrote:
Someone should do mine, im curious to what it would say
*This may not be exactly accurate though, so feel free to give me any feedback.

- knows how to use Bowser Jr. efficiently despite claims that he sucks balls
- can easily defend even without defensive captains/sidekicks
- is strong when utilizing set-ups

- uses pass patterns that can mind-game you
- when he cannot find an open shot, he does not hesitate to trick
- will use a variety of teams
- can read tricks
- uses deadly Monty Mole hit if his Boos cannot defend
- his Bowser Jr. is accurate and he uses him often to shoot
- playing as home/away does not hinder his game play
- is very good with self passes

Style Uniqueness Rate: Excellent


- uses Waluigi/Daisy/Yoshi
- is a very skilled trickster
- can avoid defense easily / has a very strong offense
- rarely uses teles
- can find new ways to utilize character specials (EggRoll, Crystal Smash, WALL-uigi)
- thinks on his feet and improvises tricks when pressured
- has a solid defense can block both tricks and shooters

- utilizes both tricking and shooting efficiently
- uses interceptions as a way to block chips
- mastered top serve-it-in and uses them just as often as the regular serve-it-in
- is deadly at the banana goal and is very consistent with it
- is good at the triangle offense which mind-fucks you at times
- can make low chip serve-it-ins
- will be in a phone call while playing
- will call his babe back and then proceed to rape you

Style Uniqueness Rate: Awesome Sauce (Excellent)

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PostSubject: Re: Individual Players' Styles   Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:24 am

do me
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PostSubject: Re: Individual Players' Styles   Fri Feb 01, 2013 12:46 am

me as well
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PostSubject: Re: Individual Players' Styles   Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:50 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Individual Players' Styles   Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:07 pm

Necroshade wrote:
me as well

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PostSubject: Re: Individual Players' Styles   Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:17 pm

Wouldn't it be better to be more specific with each player? How/when/why is more important no?

This is how everyone has played me. I'll prob update this if I come back.

Tree - has all qualities a great Waluigi user should have. Executes tricks well but is not a consistent threat on each and every possession. Very good if given the extra 1-2 seconds. Not a very good defender after the initial shot has been made, but his style could have improved. Considered to be in the 'top tier' of knowledge and complete understanding of Strikers, along with a few other people. Could be better with consistency and a few 'go-to' moves.

Ju - Great player who never seems to want to win. Does unnecessary tricks when another move would have sufficed. Annoyingly does not go for the kill but straggles along so the opponent could catch up. Great item user and is a great Daisy player. Never scared to insta or take advantage of any opportunity. Innovative. Has his own invention/special move which consists of slowing down his characters - good mindgames. Great trickster with unlimited potential, but personality lets him down when trying to take the win from the opponent.
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PostSubject: 2K Rates my Brother   Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:55 pm


His Captain: DK

His SideKicks: Boo Boo Mole

Style of Playing: He use Boo dekes. Love to pass and Shoot ball when the ball is fully Charged. His Defense is not the best but it was impressive that he beat The Joker yesterday on rank. He is really aggressive when loosing. He know how to use his items to shoot and score.

Weakness: Defense is kinda of sloppy. He techniques can be WTF! why did he just do that. He love to hit and don't care if he give you an item. He always use boo dekes to end games.

Is he a SWAGGER Player? NO

Reason: He is not a consistent player.

His Rating is: 7.5 out of 10

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PostSubject: Re: Individual Players' Styles   

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Individual Players' Styles
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