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 Blood Transfussion

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2K RichKid

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PostSubject: Blood Transfussion    Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:37 pm

Is a transfusion really the same as eating blood?

In a hospital, when a patient cannot eat through his mouth, he is fed intravenously. Now, would a person who never put blood into his mouth but who accepted blood by transfusion really be obeying the command to “keep abstaining from . . . blood”? (Acts 15:29) To use a comparison, consider a man who is told by the doctor that he must abstain from alcohol. Would he be obedient if he quit drinking alcohol but had it put directly into his veins?

would You let your children die because you refuse blood transfusions. I think that’s terrible’

But we do allow them to have transfusions—the safer kind. We accept the kind of transfusions that don’t carry the risk of such things as AIDS, hepatitis, and malaria. We want the best treatment for our children, as I am sure that any loving parent would.’ Then perhaps add: (1) ‘When there is severe blood loss, the greatest need is to restore the fluid volume. No doubt you realize that our blood is actually over 50 percent water; then there are the red and white cells, and so forth. When much blood is lost, the body itself pours large reserves of blood cells into the system and speeds up production of new ones. But fluid volume is needed. Plasma volume expanders that contain no blood can be used to fill that need, and we accept these.’ (2) ‘Plasma volume expanders have been used on thousands of persons, with excellent results.’ (3) ‘Even more important to us is what the Bible itself says at Acts 15:28, 29.’

To whom does the prohibition on the eating of blood apply?

Noah and his sons were allowed by Jehovah to add animal flesh to their diet after the Flood, but they were strictly commanded not to eat blood. (Ge 9:1, 3, 4) God here set out a regulation that applied, not merely to Noah and his immediate family, but to all mankind from that time on, because all those living since the Flood are descendants of Noah’s family.

Avoid infectious disease.

Avoid close physical contact or the sharing of eating utensils with any who have a cold or the flu. Their saliva and nasal secretions can pass the illness on to you. Such blood-borne diseases as hepatitis B and C and HIV/AIDS are transmitted primarily through sexual contact, intravenous drug use, and transfusion. Vaccination can help to prevent some infections, but a wise person must still take necessary precautions when with someone who has an infectious disease. Avoid insect bites. Do not sit or sleep outdoors unprotected when mosquitoes or other disease-carrying insects are active. Use bed nets, especially for children, and use insect repellents

Jehovah’s Witnesses recognize that “abstaining from . . . blood” means not accepting blood transfusions and not donating or storing their own blood for transfusion. Out of respect for God’s law, they also do not accept the four primary components of blood: red cells, white cells, platelets, and plasma.
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Blick Winkel

Blick Winkel

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PostSubject: Re: Blood Transfussion    Mon Oct 22, 2012 3:57 pm

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Lady Janelle

Lady Janelle

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PostSubject: Re: Blood Transfussion    Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:43 am

Ahawhawhawhaw. Like are you kidding me right now?
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Transfussion    

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Blood Transfussion
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