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 M v Fs ; Victory for Fs

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M v Fs ; Victory for Fs  Empty
PostSubject: M v Fs ; Victory for Fs    M v Fs ; Victory for Fs  EmptySat Sep 08, 2012 3:10 am

M: Fs:
Colygrim Vortex
Halr Berble
Sothe Shadowinvadr

Colygrim v Vortex; 2-0

Colygrim v Berble; 0-2

Berble v Halr; 2-1

Berble v Sothe; 1-1

Sothe v Shadowinvadr 0-1

Congratulations to Berble for making two members of M ragequit MSC!

M v Fs ; Victory for Fs  9fTfP
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M v Fs ; Victory for Fs
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