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 The Best *insert captain* in the game.

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PostSubject: The Best *insert captain* in the game.   Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:49 am

I can't be the only one who has ever thought of this before. For years since the game's release, i've heard people being mentioned as "the best bowser in the game" or the best "waluigi in the game".

I've never found this to be a relevant discussion ever with maybe one or two exceptions. i just think that the captain has so very little to do with someone's skill at the game. I think the more relevant topic for discussion is

"who is the best pure trickster"
"who is the best hybrid"
"who is the best pure shooter"
"who has the best 2 boo db shooter team"

Things like these seem more important that just the captain. The captain is just one player on the team, and i feel its not useful to judge a team by one player honestly. And lets say for example that we say TNM is the best luigi in the game. How can one even come to this conclusion? is he not then the best mario in the game as well? what about yoshi?

In almost all cases besides the daisy/wally dichotomy, i feel that the difference between different captains of the same type is just too small to even declare them as completely different.

Maybe its just me. thoughts?
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The Best *insert captain* in the game.
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