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 atangerine's intro

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PostSubject: atangerine's intro   Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:50 pm

I guess it's not too late to make an introduction?

I bought mario strikers charged back in 2008 and I loved it immediately. Granted, I wasn't that good, but I did make it to number 56 one time (back in '08) with my old team of Bowser Jr., Toad, Dry Bones, and Boo. Msc and Mkw were the only games I played for quite a while.

While playing ranked, I saw that there were some people that could totally own me with fancy tricks, and I decided to investigate. On youtube, I found out all my basic tricks and used them to destroy most people on ranked (the crappy ones).

When I was in sixth grade, I met someone at my school who was very good at msc. He would beat me most of the time. We became friends and I introduced him to this site; three years later (Luigibro or Ajax). He motivated me to become better, just so I could beat him. During this time, I managed to get to 10th on the leaderboards (which I thought was amazing at the time). =P

I then played msc on and off throughout 7th and 8th grade, due to the fact I played other games like Metroid Prime Trilogy, Twilight Princess, and I also got a ps3 (intended for my brother but I still use it ^_^). During this time, I did go to mscbay.com once, but there were only 2 or 3 members there, which made me not go back again.

During the middle of 9th grade, I suddenly felt like playing msc again. I played a couple of ranked matches before looking at the leaderboards, and I saw an mscsky.com. My curiosity won out, and I visited mscsky.com. The first people I saw were cc, treesus, and skittz. The first person I played was skittz, which I won, but I did break quite a few rules (which I didn't know at the time).

And so I became a regular member of mscsky.com. Yes, I was one of the people who would ask for a game every few seconds, so sorry about that. I've been told I have potential to become very good by people like j0k3r and ARBOK, but unfortunately, I haven't reached it.


I use a variety of characters like Yoshi, Bowser, Peach, Wally, and Daisy.

I love playing on home.

I focus on defense and counterattack, allthough I'm trying to change this.
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atangerine's intro
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