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 Batman intro

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PostSubject: Batman intro   Batman intro EmptyWed Jul 18, 2012 3:16 pm

Felt like making one idk Razz

I bought the game in the first few weeks of it being out and played ranked on and off for a few months before taking a pretty long break. I always stalked the gamefaqs forum even though i rarely posted and i didnt play anyone there.

When i heard the gb ladder was going up in May of 08 I decided to give it a shot and see how i stacked up with other players. I considered myself a decent player back then despite being pretty late to the competitive scene.

I managed to take a series off of robz for gb after only playing for a couple weeks which is when I started to get noticed as a great player. I also took sets off of other great players of the time such as arbok and psycofoot.

When Mscbay was made in September of 08 I was one of the first registered members and considered one of the better tricksters on the site. I joined wt as my first clan because arbok wanted a new active member for the lineup because brian was the only other active member on the roster. I warred st about a week after joining and beat 3 of the players in their lineup. It was around this time that i was made mod on bay.

During Christmas break of 08/09 is when mscbay started to really grow and become popular. Also during this time was when scruffs and I started crushing everything. Generally in the following 9 months or so the chain of players based on skill was arbok/scruffs as #1 with me following after them. Arbok rarely played at this time and he and i hadnt played a "real series" at all on bay making it difficult for me to rate how i stacked up against him. On the other hand scruffs and i pretty much played constantly. Nothing was more infuriating at the time then everyone saying how great scruffs was when i would always take him to 3 games and typically lose by 1-2 goals.

Tnm and i played about 10 consecutive series and he did an edit of the highlights and made the agon compilation video which can be found at the bottom of the page.
I feel the video does a good job capturing the wide variety of tricks i use in play. The major flaws i notice in my play watching it again is awful item control and i was relying to much on my defense to force steals as opposed to preventing good shots. Offensively the openings i use are still applicable to this day and at the time i was the only player doing anything like it because every other trickster was whoring out instas. Give it a watch for both entertainment and some interesting play from both me and tnm!

In July of 09 wt died and i went clanless for a few months before joining cB(which i still think looks cooler as cb). Also around this time is when euros started hacking their wiis to play ntsc. In the war between ntsc i played luigi brawl and won 2-0 which gave ntsc the lead which is still one of my favorite accomplishments as a player.

After this i started to get interested in playing cod on the 360. I bought a 360 in September of 2009 and i played a mix of 360 games and msc until November when mw2 came out. At this time i pretty much quit msc rarely playing matches.

I played some matches in February of 2010 since cb had a war that i was supposed to play in. Wally me and tricks were both playing at a completely different level at that time while everyone else seemed to be somewhat the same as what i remembered.

I pretty much didnt play any msc with the exception of random series against tricks until summer of 2011. msc still seems pretty much the same now as it did back then. Not much on sky has happened that has really blown my mind yet although im still hopeful.

Ive also always primarily played away. I greatly prefer the playstyle of waluigi and i hate hearing people bitch about me only winning because i have home field advantage.

random things that dont fit in the story but i still find hilarious:

Matt beat brian in a clan war because brian shot 2-30 and was forced to play away despite being a home main.

Mel is still the strangest person ive ever encountered

TNM came on drunk one night and we played msc. I won and afterwards he slammed his keyboard breaking off his "[" key. He then went on a rant saying he couldn't press the [ key while he still used it on chat.

Once in an mscbay beatdown i got 2 miis into the top 10

For arbok's silly rules tourney scruffs and i still ended up playing each other in the finals. He won 2-1 in a series where we could only score while the goalie was on fire. the winner was supposed to get 800 wii points for winning but scruffs wasn't able to get them because of some region error. When i asked arbok if i could have them since i was the runner up he told me he had already used them for himself Sad

(will prolly add more as i think of them)

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Batman intro
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