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 My Idea for Clan Wars.

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My Idea for Clan Wars. Empty
PostSubject: My Idea for Clan Wars.   My Idea for Clan Wars. EmptyMon Dec 05, 2011 12:00 am

I'm new to MSCSky.com although I am a vet from bay. I would like to get something organized like clan wars, and have it set up like football or Hockey games where clans face eachother all at certain times when everyone of a certain clan is online.

Your Wins Losses and Points will be recorded and will be added to your total team score. Kinda like Ranked on MSC. (Except no DC'ers and Boo Glitching/Dekeing Nub's.)

If anyone is interested in signing up. Register your Name and Clan name you are with below. I would like 4 to be on a clan at a time. So when recruiting. Try getting someone who is active and worth your while. If you want to create a new clan. Please feel free and put below. If this happens. Please annouce your Captains of the team.

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My Idea for Clan Wars.
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