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 STR1KR Works at McDonald's

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PostSubject: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:39 pm

HaLR and CC Work at McDonald's

HaLR: Welcome to McDonald's how may I help you?
Customer: Why is there another person next to to you?
HaLR: This is CC. He's to make sure you don't do anything you're not supposed too.
Customer: Like what?
HaLR: Like instas.
Customer: I don't even know what an insta is.
HaLR: That's what they all say. But they do it anyway.
Customer: Are you accusing me?
HaLR: Am I?
Customer: CC! He's picking on me!
CC: It's your fault for instaing.
HaLR: *Hands Customer a pamphlet*

"The Four Step Guide To Instas"

What is an insta you ask? An insta, to put it lightly, is the culmination of everything that is wrong in America right now. Things such as unemployment, global warming, and erectile dysfunction are a direct result of insta abuse. "What is so bad about instas?" you may ask. You obviously know nothing. Let me enlighten you.

1. Instas require no skill. You hold the Z button and then release it. There's no timing involved. You simply hold onto Z as long as possible and then release it as soon as the game starts. That's not saying it's not possible to screw up instas. Turning around and releasing Z is known as the reverse insta, or the, "I'm sorry I insta'd on you so I'm insta'ing on myself now." Running up to the goal and then releasing Z is known as the "I have so little skill at MSC I can't even insta correctly."

2. Instas are a pain to block. Because there is more than one way to insta, you never know how to block it. And you shouldn't have to. Amendment XXVII Section 3 of the Constitution clearly states, "Insta abuse, i.e. one or more instas used over the course of ten years, is subject to fines of $400,000,000 and/or 600 years in prison." The urge to insta is subject to fines of $100,000,000 and/or 150 years in prison.

3. Instas are a way of saying, "I can't beat you with actual skill, so I will (cheat, for a lack of a better word) in order to win. It's not fair to the victim. It's a way for a clearly inferior individual to beat someone with tons more skill.


4. Instas can be used to accomplish illegal means.
Want to rob a bank? Announce that if you don't receive a certain amount of cash you will insta on everbody inside the bank. This has actually happened before. And it gets worse...
Want to run for president? Announce that if you are not made president you will insta on everyone in America. This has also happened before, back in 2008.

Customer: I'M SO SORRY!
CC: *Pats Customer on the back* It's okay. Now promise me you will never insta.
Customer: I PROMISE!
HaLR: We're well on our way to saving the world.

HaLR and CC high five as triumphent music plays.

The End

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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Fri Nov 04, 2011 9:43 pm


this is word for word exactly what happened when halr and i met up. we were using all our msc terminology on unsuspecting civilians
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:21 pm

Definitely putting this on mah facebook lol!
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:31 am

Shadow Works at McDonald's

Shadow: Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you?
Chimera: Hi, I-
Shadow: >=(
Chimera: ?
Shadow: >=(  >=(  >=(
Chimera: Is there a problem?
Shadow: >=(  >=(  >=(  >=(  >=(  >=(  >=(  >=(  >=(  >=(  >=(  >=( >=(
Chimera: I'd like a double-
Shadow: *Punches Chimera in the face*
Chimera: What's going on?!?
Shadow: I have banned Chimera!
Chimera: Banned me from what? McDonald's?
Shadow: From life Chimera. You're banned from life.
Chimera: All I wanted was to eat lunch!
Shadow: Then why don't you have some? *Throws frozen patties at Chimera*
Chimera: I'm leaving.
Shadow: No you're not! YOU DON'T LEAVE UNTIL I SAY SO!
Shadow tackle Chimera and beats him with a frozen patty. Chimera keeps trying to escape, and Shadow won't let him. Finally the manager arrives.
Wise1: What's going on?
Shadow: %$%#$%ing Chimera man. $%$%#$ing Chimera.
Wise1: ...
Shadow: ...
Wise1: ...
Shadow: I'm fired, aren't I?
Wise1: Yes.

YD Works at McDonald's

Customer: Hi. I'd like a double cheeseburger with some-
YD: Mario Strikers Charged?
Customer: Fries.
YD: Nah bro, you wanna play me in Mario Strikers Charged.
Customer: How'd you get a Wii and TV set up in here?
YD: Why not?
Customer: ...Okay, I'll play.
YD: Are you mentally ready?
Customer: It's a Mario video game. What's there to be mentally ready for?
YD: If you don't fully mentally prepare yourself you might not emerge from this alive.
Customer: Are you high?
YD: Yes.
Customer: And you're working here?
YD: No, I'm pretending to work here while challenging people to Mario Strikers Charged.
Customer: Fine. Let's go.
A minute later...
Customer: WOW! You beat me 8-0, 8-0 in two first to 7 games!
YD: Smile
Customer: I understand what you mean when you said I might not emerge from this alive. I always thought myself to be the best at Strikers. Now I realize I'm not. Something inside me died, never to be alive again.
YD: What?
Customer: My heart. I had a heart attack, but was too busy playing you in Strikers to care. So I'm dead.
YD: That sucks.
Customer: It does. *Dies*
YD: ...If Wise finds out this guy died playing me in Strikers I'm gonna be fired. What can I do?

An hour later Wise1 comes out to a bizarre sight.
Wise1: YD, what is this?
YD: What does it look like?
Wise1: A bag full of frozen patties with a head sticking out of it.
YD: %$%$#, the head wasn't supposed to be seen.
Wise1: Is there something you want to tell me?
YD: No. I'm leaving.
Wise1: I'm sorry.
YD: I'm sorry too. Because those patties have your fingerprints on them. *Runs*
Wise1: :/

The End
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:32 am

Zizou Works at McDonald's

Zizou: Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you today?
YD: Smile
Zizou: Why are smiling?
YD: Because I beat you at Mario Strikers Charged so much.
Zizou: I'm still better than you.
YD: Alright, let's go. First to 10, best of 10.
Zizou: Bring it &$%@.
A few hours later...who am I kidding, the matches only lasted ten minutes.
Zizou: Well, that sucked.
YD: Not for me.
Zizou: You won 10-0 each match.
YD: I know it's because you were Away. You can have Home this time.
Ten minutes later...
Zizou. HA! I knew I'd win. Get on my level noob.
YD: Very impressive Zizou. Because you have bested me, I must reveal to you a secret.
Zizou: We already know I'm better, that's no sec-
YD: I'm not really YD. *Takes off mask* I'm Insane Mex.
Zizou: ...
Insane Mex: ...
Insane Mex: Very Happy
Zizou goes Super Saiyan and destroy the McDonald's.
Zizou: %$*%^% I'm in trouble if Wise finds out. I hope he doesn't.
Wise1, who was in the back of the McDonald's, where he normally could not see Zizou, can not see him, due to the McDonald's being reduced to ash..
Wise1: Ziz...
Zizou: %$%#
The End

Jay Works at McDonald's

Jay: Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you?
Customer: Why are you in a Sonic costume?
Jay: Because I love Sonic.
Customer: The costume is on backwards.
Jay: No wonder I couldn't see.
Customer: ...
Jay: Give me a moment.
Jay takes off the costume and puts in on the right away. Unfortunately, Jay is not wearing any clothes underneath the costume.
Customer: AHHH!!
Jay: How may I help you?
Customer: AHHH!!
Jay: Do you like Sonic too?
Customer: Not anymore! *Runs out the door*
A few minutes later...
Customer 2: Hi, I'd like a Big Mac please.
Jay: Coming right up! *Hands Customer 2 his meal*
Customer 2: Why are the fries blue?
Jay: I spray painted them blue because Sonic is blue and Sonic is awesome. Now the fries are awesome too! Very Happy
Customer 2: %$%$, no fries then. Ah well, at least the hamburger is normal. *Takes a bite* OWW!!!
Jay: Is there a problem?
Jay: Sonic is a hedgehog, and he has quills, so-
Customer 2: *Punches Jay in the face*
Jay: Hey!
Customer 2: Someone get a medic!
Jay: Hmm... What would Sonic do?
Customer 2: HE'D GET A MEDIC! NOW!
Jay: No, Sonic is awesome enough to be able to handle it himself. Thus, I can too.
Customer 2: NO YOU CAN'T, GET A MEDIC!
Jay: *Sprays Customer 2 with blue spray paint* Are you better now?
Customer 2: MY EYES!!
Jay: Oops, forgot your eyes. *Sprays Customer 2 in the eyes with the blue spray paint*
Jay: Have a good day! Smile

The End
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:33 am

Chimera Works at McDonald's

Chimera: Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you this fine evening? Very Happy
Customer: It's 10 A.M.
Chimera: No, it's evening.
Customer: So then you serve hamburgers now?
Chimera: Why wouldn't we?
Customer: Because it's still morning and you only serve breakfast in the morning. So, do you serve breakfast, or hamburgers?

Chimera knew his answer would be the defining moment of his life. Admit he was time challenged, or pretend it was really evening?

Chimera: Uhm...half of both.
Customer: So I can order half a hamburger and half a pancake, and you just stick them together.
Chimera: ...Yes.
Customer: ...
Chimera: ...
Customer: Alright, I'll have a Big Macake with sausage fries and a milk juice.
Chimera: *Inside* %$%# *Outside* Coming right up! Very Happy

Chimera realized he must fulfill the customer's order, even if it was the last thing he did. He got all the ingredients together, and made the best Big Macake with sausage fries and milk juice known to man.

Chimera: It's ready! Very Happy
Customer: Wow, you really did it! I'll definitely recommend you to your manager!
Chimera: Thanks! Very Happy
Customer: Just one thing.
Chimera: ...What?
Customer: I'm not really a customer. *Takes of mask* I'm Shadow.
Chimera: D:
Chimera: I know karate!
Shadow: You do?
Chimera: If you mess with me...one of us won't emerge in one piece.
Shadow: You.
Chimera: Yes. Please don't hurt me.
*Wise1 appears out of thin air, because he's Wise1 and can do that*
Wise1: Believe in yourself Chimera! WHAT HAVE I TAUGHT YOU?!?
Chimera: Not to put fries in people milkshakes as a surprise?
Wise1: No, the other thing.
Chimera: Not to pour milkshakes on people's fries because that's even worse?
Chimera: Oh. What to do if Shadow comes.
Wise1: Yeah.
Chimera: RUUUNNN!!! *Chimera runs toward the exit. Unbeknown to him the door is a "Push" door. Chimera, however, keeps pulling on it. He does this for fifteen minutes, much to the amusement of Shadow and Wise1.
Chimera: *Pants* Wow...this door *Pant* is a formidable *Pant* opponent. *Collapses on the floor*
Shadow: I'm just going to leave now. *Pushes Chimera's body out of the way and opens the door. Bye Wise!
Wise1: Bye Shadow!

The End
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:34 am

Paolito Works at McDonald's

Paolito has a secret that no one knows. He doesn't use multiple captains in Mario Strikers Charged because he's good with any captain, rather he has an infinite amount of ever-changing personalities.

Paolito: Welcome to McDonald's!
Customer: You look just like me!
Paolito: Very Happy
Customer: You have a fake mustache, dyed your hair blonde, and you're a foot shorter to match my height. HOW IS THE LAST ONE EVEN POSSIBLE?!?
Paolito: I am you.
Customer: That's really creepy.
Paolito: I don't need to ask what you want, since I already know. 100 Big Macs. That'll be $400.
Customer: WHAT?!?
Paolito: This country is need of change. I will bring that change.
Customer: ...Huh?
Paolito: I'm President Obama.
Customer: You're not black.
Paolito: I am on the inside.
Customer: I'm not buying 100 Big Macs.
Paolito: Do it for your country!
Customer: What have you done for our country?
Paolito: I'm black.
Customer: So, you're still a lous-
Paolito: RACIST! *Kicks Customer in the groin*
Customer: I'M LEAVING!
Customer: ...Are you still President Obama?
Paolito: I'm your wife.
Customer: But she hasn't said that ye-
Paolito: She will.
Customer: Sad
Paolito: *Accidently knocks cash register over, and trips over nothing, causing himself to fall down.*
Customer: ...What's going on?
Paolito: I'm Ziz.
Customer: Wha?
Paolito: Hold on.

Paolito, in a blink of an eye, builds a gigantic house around the McDonald's.

Paolito: I wasn't able to work properly. I'm at home now, so I can.
Paolito: He's really handsome, unlike you, and he never ignores me, and he's rich, and did I mention he's handsome?
Customer: ...You're my wife again, aren't you?
Paolito: Yes.
Customer: I'm going to leave now.
Paolito: I'm back to normal, sorry about that.
Customer: ...I'll have one Big Mac.
Paolito: ...
Customer: ...
Paolito: ...
Customer: ...
Paolito: ...Okay.
Customer: How much.
Paolito: ...
Customer: ...
Paolito: ...
Customer: ...You're Julien now, aren't you?
Paolito: Yes.
Customer: How do you still have a job?
Paolito: Because Wise is a great manager and is willing to accept me for who I am.
Customer: This is your first day and Wise doesn't know yet, does he?
Paolito: No. Sad
Customer: Pao, this was actually a test. I'm not really Customer. *Takes off mask* I'm Wise1.
Paolito: :O
Wise1: You're not really suited to work at McDonald's, but I do have a job where you and your ever-changing personalities will fit right in.

In 2016

Paolito: I would like to thank this nation for electing me the President of the United States of America.

The End
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:35 am

Melbester9 Works at McDonald's

Mel: Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you?
Customer: Why is there a tree behind the counter?
Mel: *Blushes*
Customer: ?
Mel: W-We're getting married tomorrow.
Customer: WTH?!?
Mel: It started when I accidently fell off a cliff when I was only a wee lad. A tree branch saved my life, and ever since then I have been attracted to trees.
Customer: That's really interesting, continue.
Mel: Whenever I'm in a tree I feel a part of me growing and growing.
Customer: Your excitement?
Mel: No, a physical part of me.
Customer: Okay, I think I'm going to leave now.
Mel: Don't you want to hear how Melbesteretta and I met?
Customer: You named the tree Melbesteretta?
Mel: Yup.
Customer: Why would you do that?
Mel: Even if it's a weird name, I feel that Melbesteretta is a part of myself.
Customer: No, why would you name a tree at all? And why the heck would you get married to it?
Mel: Have you ever been in love? If you had been you would understand.
Customer: I'm in love with you.
Mel: WTH?!?
Customer: See, now you know how I feel about your affection to the tree.
Mel: Melbesteretta can do anything you can and better! It can even smoke!

A few minutes later...

Mel: :'(
Customer: Well, that was incredibly stupid. I'm going to leave now.
Mel: Wait!
Customer: What?
Mel: Even in death, Melbesteretta said she forgave you for your harsh words.
Customer: Did she forgive you for burning her to death?
Mel: No, she flipped me off.
Customer: Oh. Okay. Bye!

*Wise1 goes over to Mel to comfort him*

Wise1: There'll be other trees for you to fall in love with Mel. Don't worry.
Mel: You do realize Melbesteretta wasn't the only thing that burned down, right?
Wise1: Yes. You're fired.
Mel: Sad

The End
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:28 pm

Kodicage Works at McDonald's

Kodicage: Welcome to McDonald's, how may I help you?
Berble: You're making me uncomfortable.
Kodicage: I haven't done anything.
Berble: Tangy, ban him. :s
Kodicage: Who's Tangy?
Berble: Playing innocent eh. Let's dual it out in MSC.
Kodicage: I don't know what that is.
Berble: It's your worst nightmare.
Kodicage: My worst nightmare is getting attacked by killer slugs.
Berble: ...They don't move very fast.
Kodicage: Neither do I.
Berble: If I beat you 7-0 7-0 will you quit your job?
Kodicage: No.
Berble: ...
Kodicage: ...
Berble: I have a giant pet slug named Berbla. Don't make me sic Berbla on you.
Kodicage: O_O *Please God don't let me lose 7-0 7-0*

10 minutes later...

Berble: Mwuhaha.
Kodicage: Dangit, I lost 7-0 7-0. Mel's gonna be so ticked off at me. Sad
Berble: You know Mel?
Kodicage: He's my brother.
Berble: He hasn't told you about MSC?
Kodicage: I haven't seen him since he moved out to live in the woods.
Berble: Dang, Mel in the woods, I don't even want to imagine that.
Kodicage: Berble, let's go again in MSC.
Berble: Non, the result will be the same.
Kodicage: If I win you have to promise to leave and never come back.
Berble: Haha, deal.

10 minutes later...

Kodicage: Berble, I'm not really Kodicage. *Takes off mask* I'm Wally Me.
Berble: O_O But you said you were Mel's brother.
Wally Me: I am.
Berble: WHAT?!?
Wally Me: But it'll be our little secret.
Berble: No it won't. WIS-

Wally Me kills Berble with a Falcon Punch.

Wise1: What's going on here?!? Wally Me? Berble's corpse? Wait, Berble's dead? WHAT'S GOING ON?!?
Wally Me: Kodicage killed him and ran away. I chased after him, beat him up, and turned him in to the police. I realizd the register was empty, so I came to fill in for him.
Wise1: *In tears* You're a hero Wally Me. How can I ever thank you?
Wally Me: Uhm, help me bury Berble's body.
Wise1: Why? Shouldn't you let the police take care of it?
Wally Me: Don't you trust me Wise?
Wise1: ...Okay.

Wise and Wally Me go to bury Berble's body. Only problem is, Berble isn't really dead.

Berble: AHHHHHH!!!
Wise1: He's alive! Very Happy
Wally Me: #@$#@
Wise1: Wally Me, aren't you happy?
Wally Me: I'm going to Europe now. Good bye.

Wally Me flies happily into the sunset.

Wise1: The author is definitely high right now.
Berble: Wise, Wally Me is Mel's brother!
Wise1: No he isn't Berble, go back to sleep. *Punches Berble in the head and KO's him*

The End
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Sun Jan 05, 2014 11:35 pm

Necro Works at McDonald's

Necro: How may I help you?
Link: Hi.
Necro: !
Link: Why do you always hate on my games?
Necro: Because they suck.
Link: I go on epic quests to save the woman I love, braving pigs with swords, skeletons, and octopi that shoot rocks. I deserve respect.
Necro: Yeah but you're gay.
Link: No, I am very much attracted to Zelda.
Necro: I don't mean it in that sense, stop taking things so literally.
Link: I think you need Jesus Necro.
Necro: ...What?
Link: If you have Jesus you won't hate me anymore.
Necro: Jesus is forgiving, so if I have Jesus it just means I'll be forgiven.
Link: Forgiven for what?
Necro: FOR THIS! *Necro grabs the cash register and slams it against Link's head*
Necro: Yeah...but I have a Big Mac.
Link: ...
Necro: ...It'll make you fat.
Link: You win. I'll leave now.

Link leaves. The next day...

Link: I'm back.
Necro: I have a taser.
Link: WHAT?!?
Necro: >=(
Wise: What's on going on Necro?
Necro: $#@^ing Link is harassing me.
Wise: Necro, Link isn't real.
Link: That's right Necro, I'm not. *Takes off mask* I'm Barney.
Necro: O_O
Necro: NO!
Barney: Good, because I'm not really Barney. *Takes off mask* I'm Shadow.
Necro: This actually makes sense.
Shadow: Necro, just in case you weren't dead in Survivor...well, I'll have to finish the job.
Necro: McDonald's and Survivor aren't related!
Shadow: That's too bad. I was just about to accept you were dead and leave.
Necro. D:
Shadow: I have a sword Necro.
Shadow: Yes, but my sword has a taser at the end.
Necro: WTF?!?
Shadow: Necro, before you die, is there anything you want to say?
Necro: Yes. I'm not really Necro. *Takes off mask* I'm Ganondorf.
Shadow: WHAT?!?
Ganondorf: Why do you think I hate Zelda games so much? Link always beats the $#@^ out of me. He pisses me off so much. Why can't there be a Zelda game where I win?
Shadow: So wait, Ganondorf is real?
Ganondorf: Very real Shadow. And I'm going to get you.
Shadow: AHHHHHH!!! *Runs out the door*
Wise: See? I told you that would work.
Necro: *Taking off Ganondorf costume* Thanks Wise. Very Happy
Wise: Now that Shadow is no longer a threat that means it's my turn.
Necro: Your turn for what?
Wise: To be mean to you. I have a badge Necro. I can do whatever the $#@^ I want.
Necro: D:
Wise: I have two swords and both of them have tasers. You better run Necro.
*Necro runs screaming out the door*

The End
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Thu Jan 09, 2014 1:40 am

2K Works at McDonald's

2K: Welcome, how may I help you?
Customer: 10 Big Macs and 10 Large Fries please.
2K: That's a lot of food. Judging by your weight, maybe not such a good idea, hmm? How about 1 Big Mac and 1 Large Fry?
Customer: What kind of employee are you? Don't you want to make as much money as possible?
2K: I want to do what's best for you, it's what Jesus would do.
Customer: I'm not gonna eat everything, I'm just getting it for the McDonald's Monopoly. Gonna win a million dollars!
2K: Good!
Customer: Good?
2K: Good!
Customer: You mean good luck?
2K: No, just good. Don't believe in luck.
Customer: Uhm okay. *Peels card on fries away* Park Place! *Peels the other card* BOARDWALK! I JUST WON A MILLION DOLLARS! I'M SO LUCKY!
2K: You're not lucky.
Customer: I'm not?
2K: Luck doesn't exist. Let me give you an example. You're walking home from school. It's your first day at high school and you've already got a girlfriend. You're going to see a movie with her later and you're really excited. However, you're distracted and almost get run over by a truck.
Customer: D:
2K: However, the truck misses you and you survive.
Customer: That's luck! How does that discredit luck?
2K: Later you're at the movie with your girlfriend. You're just about to kiss her when the exact same truck crashes into the movie theater and runs her over.
Customer: WHAT?!?
2K: See? Wasn't lucky at all!
Customer: That's horrible!
2K: Not for me! While you were listening I took your Monopoly pieces, and now I'm getting a million dollars! Bye! *2K runs out the door*
Customer: NOOO!!!

The End
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PostSubject: Re: STR1KR Works at McDonald's   Mon Jan 13, 2014 12:50 am

Tangy works at McDonald's

Tangy: Welcome to Mcdonald's how may I-!!!
2K: Hey Tangy. Still a $#@^?
Tangy: Dangit 2K, why are you here?
2K: Just getting some food. I'm not surprised to see you here, though, this kind of job suits you well.
Tangy: Don't make me report you to my manager!
2K: For what?
Tangy: Uhm...
2K: I'd like 1,000 Big Macs please.
Tangy: Yeah, sure. -_-
2K: *Pulls out a $4,000 bill*
Tangy: WHAT?!?
2K: You have to make them yourself though.
Tangy: I'm a cashier, I don't make burgers.
2K: If you want the $4,000 you will.
Tangy: *To himself* What should I do? I'll get $4,000 if I make him the hamburgers. But is it worth it? I don't want to lower myself to his level. I gotta think up something fast.
2K: Made your decision?
Tangy: I'll do it on one condition. That is, if you never disrespect me again.
2K: I'll only disrespect you on weekends.
Tangy: ...Fine.

Tangy makes 1,000 Big Macs. Tangy is naturally gifted and it only takes him two days.

Tangy: *Huff* Here you go.
2K: Here's your $4,000. *Hands Tangy a $4,000 bill*
2K: No duh, who ever heard of a $4,000 bill?
Wise: Yes?
Tangy: 2K asked for 1000 Big Macs but gave me a counterfeit bill!
Wise: That's fine.
Tangy: WHAT?!?
Wise: We take counterfeit money. *Points to sign that says "Counterfeit money accepted."*
Wise: Sucks to be you.
2K: Bye Tangy! Thanks for the burgers!
Tangy: You can't fit them all in your truck!
2K: I have your car too.
Tangy: ...What?
2K: I'll just put them in your car, and tow your car home.
Wise: Tangy, you need to be more polite to our customers.
Tangy: $#@^ YOU WISE AND $#@^ YOU 2K! *Tangy runs outside just in time to see sweettooth finish loading Tangy's car with hamburgers and driving off*

The End

Treesus Edit: okay how the fuck did 2k successfully form this many consecutive cohesive thoughts, im callin bullshit
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STR1KR Works at McDonald's
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