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 Anthony Introduction

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PostSubject: Anthony Introduction   Anthony Introduction EmptyThu Oct 20, 2011 6:14 pm

Figure I would write an introduction for myself. I got the game Christmas of 07, although i started playing the game about a week when it first came out. Me and my friend used to do ranked with teams and never really started to play by myself until i got the game for myself. My first original team ever was Yoshi, koopa, shy guy and dry bones(I know, terrible, lol) and then moved to luigi shortly after because i liked luigi's special better, and have used luigi ever since. I was a part of bay, although i dont remember exactly when i was apart of bay, but eventually found my team of luigi, boo, birdo and toad there. I refuse to have two boos on my team mainly just to be different. Ans now here I am, in division two in striker league and now apart of mscsky.

Few things about me:

I am 17 years old
Live in Connecticut
I play guitar
I have played msc for around 700 hrs(and proud of it)
Plan to go to college in New England or New York(not sure what ill major in)
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PostSubject: Re: Anthony Introduction   Anthony Introduction EmptyThu Oct 27, 2011 7:20 pm

I live close to Conneticut! pretty coooooooooooooool!
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Anthony Introduction
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